Designing for Augmented Reality Experiences


Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality is a relatively new medium that's here to stay. From Pokémon Go to Google Glass to Magic Leap & Microsoft Hololens the investment into the AR/MR industry by the words largest names in tech, medical & entertainment is astounding. How do we as UX designers, developers and product designers get started in AR? I will go over the first steps in designing for AR/MR (won't be coding in this class) & the pros and cons of designing for planforms like mobile & Head Mounted Displays (HMD). We will also touch on prototyping for AR and Design Thinking. Join me in our first ever Augmented Reality design course

I hope to see you soon

Bio: Ed Hernandez is a Senior UX Designer who is passionate about AR/MR, humanity & entrepreneurship. He has worked for several startups, corporations & freelanced for the past 5 years. He owns a startup himself & has a AR/MR blog.