What we're about

The hackathon will compliment the design sprint. While the Design Sprint is considering broader processes, systems and tools that could be developed or integrated to provide new solutions, the hackathon will focus on data relationships from a fresh perspective that could create new insights in measuring leakage and asset intelligence.

Specific goals of the hackathon:
Participants will form teams and develop improved methods and use of data focussing on and prediction to support maintenance and replacement. Areas of focus may include:

better defining true leakage – While leakage models are constrained by the data available, we would like to explore the potential for more accurate definitions better accounting and estimating for mis-categorised, unbilled and unmetered consumption.

Making better decisions – Can we create new insights that support better prioritisation and allocation of resources in the context of operational decision making. Our focus is on preventative repair, replacement and better maintenance scheduling.

Who should attend?
This Hackathon will appeal to experts including Data Analysts and Scientists interested in the opportunity to work on real and current data, diverse datasets, open source data; and to explore potential alternative methods for data modelling and expression.

How do I get involved?
The Hackathon is open to individuals and teams. Simply register your interest in participating.

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