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What we’re about

Welcome to all!
This Spiritual group started in October 2013, as Science of Mind & Spirit. Since then we have organically grown and expanded into The Spiritual Awareness Group of Corvallis, and generated a "parent organization" called Our Community or Love and Light (OCLL).
Our Vision is: To awaken and energize the world by raising conscious awareness of the spiritual power within all humanity to invoke unity in unconditional love, peace, and joy.
Our Mission is: To provide empowering ways and means of creating more awareness of our Spirituality, with education, support, and open discussion.  
We are an inclusive group that embraces all people regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. We honor all paths seeking spiritual enlightenment, and the expression of individuality, with love and gratitude. 
We have a variety of topics that are presented and discussed, within the Metaphysical Umbrella of Spirituality, with Love being the conscious center of us all.  Metaphysical in the sense that at the core of Metaphysical Science, is the common thread of truth that everyone is in essence one with God, Spirit, Universe, Source, no matter what term is preferred, it equates to the understanding that no one is separate from the creator. 
We are a diverse group of open minded people, ranging in age from late 20's to over 70, with different backgrounds and walks of life. At the meetings there are usually at least as many men as women.  Some of the topics we present and discuss focus on spirituality,  consciousness, universal laws, enlightenment,  as well as other topics and tools that promote understanding, healing, and happiness. We look at spirituality from the viewpoint of science and science from the view point of spirituality.  We have a spiritual structure at the beginning and end of the meeting that includes Prayer and meditation. We believe that holding a positive outlook helps us to be happier and more successful. 

Please join us for a Tuesday evening meeting, each meeting will be posted on our Meetup page and announced to all members.  
Love & Light, 
Rev. Roxy Tacy