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We come together to hear the Source of Infinite Being, Intelligence that can only come from what lies within us. My Source Talk technique is to "allow." This is not channeling. One cannot channel the infinite source and survive in 3D. To block-out my mind, however, I use the trigger or mnemonic device, "God says." This allows my mind to enter the God mind. As I allow that, it is a form of surrender to the greater intelligence, or genius, and any question that is in the true source of infinite intelligence is accessible by me in the state of my God-self.

For those who either don't believe in God, or have a different opinion of God all-together, it is not my intention to offend, only to offer the words that come through me as an opportunity to understand the nature of phenomena, as it pertains to spiritual identity.

We are all discovering where we come from, how we were designed, what makes us each unique, what makes us who we are in spirit. These Meet-ups are led by Source Communicator Sondra Sneed - The Son-N-Dra (draws what is So).


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GLISTEN TO "SOURCE TALK: What Soul Uses for Spirit Expansion"

Spring Branch Memorial Library, Corbindale Road, Houston, TX

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