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Southwest Florida Kayakers (SFK) Meetup Group

SFK’s meetup is a forum for sea kayaking in beautiful Southwest Florida. We are not a beginners club. We recommend at least a 14 foot sea kayak with two bulkheads to safely be a member. Kayak trips will be posted by volunteer hosts and are open to all experienced sea kayakers. Any criteria for participation, such as skill level or boat type, will be determined by trip host(s) and will be described in the trip posting. Those with sea kayaks/sit-in kayaks, surf skis are welcome to participate (sorry, no rec kayaks, SUPs or canoes).

In addition to trips, there will be occasional workshops to learn or refine one’s rescue skills, paddling techniques or rough water abilities. These might be free or a fee charged depending upon who is providing the training.

The posted trips will fall into one of the following five categories: However, conditions can change and therefore trips can end up longer than posted and seas can be rougher than anticipated. Therefore, everyone must gauge whether the trip and conditions are appropriate for his/her skill and fitness level.

LEVEL ONE: Trip Length of 4 to 6 miles

Speed: Two to Three MPH

Protected Paddling

All Sea Kayaks Welcome

LEVEL TWO: Trip Length of 6 to 8 miles

Speed: Three MPH

Some Open Water Paddling

Skirts Recommended or Surfski

Minimum Boat Length: 14 feet

LEVEL THREE: Trip Length of 8 to 10 miles

A Mix of Open Water Paddling

Speed: Three to Three and Half MPH

Skirts Required or Surfski

Rescue Training

Two Bulkheads or Surfski

Minimum Boat Length: 16 feet

LEVEL FOUR: Trip Length of 10 to 15 miles

A Large Amount of Open Water Paddling

Speed: Three to Four MPH

Seas: One to Two Feet

Skirts Required or Surfski

Rescue Training

Two Bulkheads or Sit on Top Kayak

Minimum Boat Length: 16 feet

LEVEL FIVE: Trip Length of 15 miles or more

Speed: Four+ MPH

A Large Amount of Open Water Paddling

Seas: Two to Four Foot

Skirts Required or Surfski

Rescue Training

Two Bulkheads or Sit on Top Kayak

Minimum Boat Length: 16 feet

The SFK group is not affiliated with any commercial vendors and thus cannot provide equipment. Some of the trips may launch at locations where rental kayaks are available, but otherwise participants must have their own equipment.

All participants will be required to wear PFDs at all times on the water. All participants in SFK group activities will be required to sign a waiver / release document. The waiver will acknowledge that participants assume full responsibility for their own health and safety. Trip hosts are not professional instructors and like all participants are solely responsible for their own safety.

We welcome you to join Southwest Florida Kayakers and invite experienced kayakers to host paddles and share their knowledge.

Upcoming events (5)

Morning Warmup Run - for Don Rice Class or Others …

Goodland Boat park marina,

In the relative cooler temperatures we will launch at 9AM and do a 5 to 6 mile warm up paddle at a 3 to 3.4 mph pace. It will be a time to stretch, converse, and play before class with Don at 12:00. Bring a lunch or a snack and we will be able to dine either at the Goodland Bridge or at the Goodland Marina Boat Park. AND THEN MEET AT THE BRIDGE, IN OUR BOATS, AT 12 NOON FOR THE “Learn to use your VHF” Pre-class, class.

Moving Water Dynamics

Goodland Bridge

We will meet at the Goodland bridge and paddle into the ebbing current of Marco River. We will start by crossing an opposing body of water by estimating and executing a ferry angle to end up at a desired location on the opposite side of the river. There will also be an opportunity to safely practice rescues in moving water. This event is for experienced paddlers who want to challenge and strengthen their boat handling and rescue skills in moving water. Plan to get wet. Tow belts and a short tow are recommended. Spray skirts, paddle floats and bilge pumps are required.

I’m gambling that we won’t have any thunderstorm activity, but if it is predicted, this event will be cancelled.

Another August birthday paddle: Bruce R

Shell Island

We will paddle one of Bruce’s favorite routes—tbd. Lunch after at Fiddler’s Creek after. You won’t want to miss this special event.

BEACH BASH!!!! Every other Friday Fun!!

The Beach @ 10th Ave. S . Naples

This event is put on by PCPC, Paradise Coast Paddler’s Club and we are excited to have y’all at SFK join us!!! 😄 If you are a member of PCPC please sign up only on one Meetup page, please and thank you.

Bring a chair, snack and drink if you wish. Might want to bring bug spray too. Occasionally the bugs like to taste people. 😉 Enjoy good conversations and watch the sunset. If it rains we’ll announce here that it is cancelled but a little rain won’t hurt us. A great chance to meet people if it's your first time!

Please bring a kayak and paddle off this beach if you’d like. This is not a scheduled paddle so there may or may not be others paddling. If someone is interested in leading a paddle on a Beach Bash please do!!

RE: Covid - great place to congregate as we are outside and bring our own chairs. Please be respectful of people’s space. Everyone has their own needs and comfort levels.

Past events (473)

Don F birthday paddle

Capri Paddlecraft Park

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