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What your Spark is about? Spark is an event for couples who want to be intentional prioritizing their relationship, strengthen their friendship, build intimacy and just want to have fun! It's a great opportunity to meet other couples who are committed to keeping their relationship strong.

Who should join? Couple's who are invested in their relationship and are looking for something different to do for their date night.

Why couple's should join? According to researcher John Gottman, PhD, master couples have a few things in common: They have friendship and admiration, they have each other’s backs and they share experiences together that create special meaning for them. Having an abundance of these elements helps the couple deal with the stressors of day to day life: bills, kids, work, etc. The Spark date night event is a night out to have fun, reconnect, and hopefully share some special moments that you will be meaningful to you as a couple.

What can couple's expect at Spark? Each monthly Spark event has a theme for the night. In August, our theme will be Igniting the Dream. We'll meet for about 30 minutes and discuss the game plan for the evening and we'll talk about "The Sparks." The Sparks are the activities associated with the night's theme. For example, one of the Sparks involves seeking out and take a couplie of the two of you with what may be your dream car! All of the Sparks are optional and couples may choose to all of them or none of them. Couple's are encouraged to share their couplies via social media with the group.

Our group time together as a group is limited to the first 30 minutes. After that, couple's are encouraged to go out, hit the Sparks, and have fun!

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