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We are a community of parents who are kept out of our children's lives, either from the effects of alienation or by the failures of family law. We are also professionals who care.

We believe that it's important for children to have BOTH parents in their lives, even after divorce. We advocate the ideal of SHARED PARENTING with 50/50 JMC being the baseline. We also recognize the need for some children to be protected from pathological parenting, which can carry from one generation to the next—AND for those parents to be nurtured through the awareness/healing process so, if at all possible, they can remain in a parenting role; we believe this is best for children.

Our focus is three-fold:

· Provide a support network for affected parents and their children;

· Share resources about the legal journey and effective parenting in challenging situations; and

· Educate others/spread awareness of Attachment-Based Parental Alienation (AB-PA), Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS), ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), and the complex forms of PTSD, such as LAS (Legal Abuse Syndrome) that can develop in highly contentious family law litigation. We especially want to include the judiciary, treating professionals, and affected family members.

Most know by now, there are systemic problems in family law. We, and those around us, are experiencing the seemingly civilized, yet harmful effects of systematic oppression, which further abuse the alienated/targeted parents, their children, and ultimately all of society; it's structural and cultural violence.

SPEAK OUT against parental alienation.
SPEAK UP for shared parenting and effective reform in family law.

Change is not easy, but it is needed. Please help spread awareness to initiate change.

If you're interested in donating to this group or fundraising activities, please DM the organizer or email ATXchangeagent@gmail.com.

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