What we're about

Welcome to our public speaking group!

We are all about getting rid of our fears and practicing public speaking.

Cost for drop in class: £10 if purchased online (pay above) £15 if you pay in person on the day

(Sometimes we postpone the things which are good and challenging for us, hence paying a lower price if booked in advance gives you that extra bit of incentive to do it)

PIZZA included in price!!!

(Purchasing a ticket in advance guarantees a spot)

Shy, anxious and introverted individuals are most welcome!

Hello and welcome all to the public speakers meetup for beginners! We have a very friendly, supportive and non-judgmental environment, which means you can make mistakes here and learn from them, as there will be no negative consequences from that.

Many public speaking workshops focus a lot on theory or NLP techniques or explanations. These sessions will have a very structured and practical approach giving the speakers plenty of opportunities to speak. We believe practice makes perfect.

Public speaking is a very useful skill to develop in life. It not only helps you to do things such as presentations at work and university but also develops your inner qualities in other areas of life allowing you also to improve your social relationships with people, as you learn how to express yourself better.

Even if you are not interested particularly in public speaking, we guarantee that by attending this sessions you will build confidence.

What to expect from this drop-in class:

The workshop follows the structure of first having warm up’s and stress diffusing exercises, after which public speaking exercises will be conducted. These exercises will increase in difficulty (subject to the speakers comfort zone), as the event progresses. At the end of each exercise/speech, the class will, primarily, discuss the strengths of the speaker, followed by potential areas for improvement.

We have weekly drop-in classes, which follow the structure of warm up exercises, meditation warm-ups and energy building games, impromptu speaking to help you overcome your fears. These drop in classes are similar in style touching upon some of the ‘6 pillars of a confident public speaker’ (see end of page ‘Additional Information’). The drop-in classes are great for newcomers, as well as returning members seeking more practice and a challenge.

Should you prepare or bring anything:

No. Just bring is a willingness to grow and challenge yourself! That is the best to overcome your fears. Refreshments and pizza will be provided.

If you have a speech you want to practice, feel free to prepare it beforehand and deliver it in class (this is optional).

Background about the facilitator:

Michael Sokolin holds a BA in Entrepreneurship and Management and a MA in Consultancy and Coaching. He has previously worked as a management consultant in A.T. Kearney and managed a team of 20 people in the strategy department of Groupon.

Having a strong passion for public speaking and drama, Michael has constructed a strategic step-by-step approach for gaining more confidence in public speaking. His approach draws from various public speaking trainings, improvised comedy and drama classes.

Michael's goal is to identify your weakest areas, and focus mainly on them, so you can grow your confidence in the most proven and practical way.


Additional Information:

5 week beginner course

First come by one of your drop-in classes to see if you like our style. If you have enjoyed the drop-in classes and found it helpful, we recommend singing up for a 5 week beginner course, where each week we will cover and practice in detail each of the following pillars of a confident public speaker:

· Breath and pace

· Voice projection

· Physicality (body language and eye contact)

· Content (structure)

· Intention and congruency

· Emotions and tone variety

We will constantly monitor your progress throughout this course and discuss them with you. In the last class of the course you will have the opportunity to prepare a speech for the class. If you have done well and you feel comfortable to advance you will have the opportunity to join the next stage improvers course.

5 week beginner course costs £140, to book your place you need to pay a £40 deposit. Contact us for more details if you are interested.

One-to-one Coaching

Michael also offers one-to-one coaching services for people interested in:

· Digging deeper into the technicalities of their public speaking

· Building general confidence and understanding their fears better

· Getting rid of social anxiety (caring about what others think) by being challenged to do a set of exercises in the public

· Career advice, preparation for interviews

Contact details:

Email: michaelsokolin@gmail.com

Mobile: 07515377896

Hope you all enjoy the sessions and feedback is most welcomed :)

Ps: if you feel You don't want to come to this event because you are on your own, then let me assure you that most of the people who attend my events come on their own and are looking to meet new people. I encourage you to take the first step toward your personal growth by joining my event.

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