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SPIRIT WORLD - Explorations in Consciousness, Healing, Energy, and Nature.
So you’re awake, now what? Venturing out into the spiritually conscious community, you may have quickly discovered that there are SO many different paths and avenues to explore. It can be overwhelming! Perhaps your mind was flooded with questions like:

Which Meetup groups should I join?
Are any of them right for me?
I’m so new to all of this, where should I start?
Do I have to be a “weirdo” to fit in, or can I be “normal” and still walk a spiritual path?
Are all of these groups safe?
What will my friends think of me if they found out what I’m into now?
Will I meet people like myself who I can connect with?
Is there a unique Meetup group where I can explore a lot of different spiritual areas of interest to me?
There is now!
Welcome to SPIRIT WORLD - Explorations in Consciousness, Healing, Energy, and Nature!

SPIRIT WORLD is a Meetup group designed for you to comfortably and safely explore your many spiritual areas of interest in the company of fellow conscious individuals just like you! Each month we will feature a multitude of presentations and gatherings, hosted by some of the most professional and respected practitioners in the area. They will be your guides on your own personal spiritual journey. These experts will share and demonstrate their areas of expertise with you while providing them with the platform to promote their own services, classes, and groups for further individual study.

Want to learn about metaphysics? We got that!

Looking to expand your consciousness? You can open up here!

Need help with learning how to walk your spiritual path? We’ll be right next to you!

Interested in psychic phenomena and intuitive abilities? We saw that question coming!

What about Reiki, Archangelic Light, or other energy healing therapies? Get charged up, we have ‘em!

Wish to explore the depths of Astrology? Things are really looking up for you!

Are you into Emotional Freedom Techniques? You can tap into that!

Aromatherapy? Ahhhh… what was I saying?

Meditation? Just let go, you found it!

What about crystals? So many facets to learn!

Looking to reconnect with nature? Well, plant your roots with us! 
Think of SPIRIT WORLD MEETUP as a sort of spiritual theme park but within the confines of a soothing sanctuary, where you can choose however you wish your experience to be. 

Now that you are consciously awake, it’s time to continue developing the beautiful unfolding of your life path. We would be honored to walk with you and to have you join us at SPIRIT WORLD!
Your Organizer,
Link Freedom - Healcyon

Original Founders:
Mariela Siwarqinti - Inti-Stella Healing
Andrew Lukonis - EFT Practioner


Upcoming events (2)

Mandala of the Enlightened Feminine

Needs a location

In this in-person workshop … through color, light, sound and visualization… we will explore how our human emotions are the very seeds for our own transformation and enlightenment.

Please note payment request below to prepare accordingly when attending the workshop.

The mandala of the Five Wisdom Dakinis creates a sacred geography within the psyche leading toward the realization of the innate perfection of the world. The mandala is a blueprint for sacred reality on every level. Ritually, aesthetically, and symbolically it expresses the inherent purity of all existence, and embodiment as a path to liberation. Through the mandala, the psyche is provided with a container and structure for transformation and architecture of enlightened experience.
In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition fearless wisdom dakinis are seen as female deities who dance in limitless space and act as messengers and spiritual guides. These “sky dancers” cut away our illusions of fear, doubt and anger and bring to consciousness a reflection of pure mind. Work with the mandala enables you to manifest this feminine wisdom energy with the potential to transform your life.

*Based on the work of Lama Tsultrim Allione author of Wisdom Rising: Journey into the Mandala of the Empowered Feminine

Cost: $10 for workshop fee payable to Armonia Health LLC, cash, check, venmo plus
DANA: Teachers in Tibetan Buddhism are traditionally offered monetary "Dana" (Pali for “generosity”) for the teacher’s time and service to the Dharma at the end of the workshop. Suggested dana: $10-$20
Questions... Call Ellen “Yeshe”[masked]

Teacher: Ellen Booth Church ~ Yeshe Chöepel ~ is an Authorized Teacher of Tibetan Buddhism and is also the leader for several Tara Mandala sanghas. Ellen is a college professor, author and 35-year practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. She is authorized by Lama Tsultrim Allione to teach the mandala work.

Libra Season - 'Harmonic Peacekeepers' Monthly AstroDream Group

Needs a location

No previous experience with dream work or Astrology is required! We will review the context and format of this style each time. In addition, we will be discussing the current Astrological context of the dreams will be sharing!

The class is near the Aries Full Moon this month, so we'll focus on the that phase of Moonlight!

The second half of the session will be focused on Alchemical Dreamwork, which is a revolutionary way of working with dreams. The Alchemy refers to the ability for the energy and healing hidden within dreams to be unlocked, transformed, and processed in a group setting. This is a true Spiritual path that is incredibly gentle, go-at-your-own-pace practice. The unconscious only reveals to us that which we are in a position to process!

This is a different way to work with your dreams, going far beyond traditional interpretive/analytical dreamwork. Instead of "What does your dream mean?" We will focus on "Experiencing the Dream" from unique perspectives in immersive exercises and meditation.

When you register you can message Link on Meetup with your birth chart Info (if you do not have it available) We will be focusing on where these signs shows up in YOUR lives so this class is more grounded in experience

During this Monthly Group we will:

-Discuss the Current Moon Cycle and how this relates to our Inner and Outer Life
-Relate to the Libra energy personally with our charts
-Guided Meditation with the Season's Energy
-Reflect on different Layers of a Dream and Dream Symbols
-Learn about the group process in Dreamwork, where each Participant experiences their own version of the dream
-Act out various Perspectives in the Dream, to better understand what hidden wisdom is available

Each participant will have the opportunity to share a dream in a small-group format during the night. Water is the element of Dreamwork, so it is no surprise the Moon cycles affect it!

This is a by donation event. You may show your gratitude to Link for holding space for the event in a number of ways. Patreon is at patreon.com/healcyon, or you can help spread the word about his offerings.*

Link Freedom is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist
with over 9 years of experience. A Healing Arts Professional, Qi Gong Instructor, Shamanic Practitioner, and world traveler, he has undergone extensive training in Neuromuscular Massage, Freedom Bodywork, Core Shamanism, Clinical Qi Gong, Tarot Reading, and Somatics healing practices. He received his Level 1 Certification
in Alchemical Dreamwork from the Alchemical Dreamers' Guild.(http://www.dreamcircling.com)

Link wants to bring healing wisdom and practices from all over the world to those that are not able to travel abroad to experience different perspectives. He collects keys to help unlock wherever one may be getting stuck as they navigate their daily life.

He firmly believes that we are all creative expressions of the Universe and that the keys to 'who we really are' lie within listening to the body we’ve been given by Spirit.

Learn more about his East and West Astrology consultations, Divination (Tarot and I-Ching) Readings, Daoist Neuro-Energetic Bodywork, and the Qi Gong he teaches: (http://healcyon.com/).

Artwork used with permission by aerroscape (https://www.deviantart.com/aerroscape/gallery)


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Virgo Season - 'Efficient Servants' Monthly AstroDream Group

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