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SPIRIT WORLD - Explorations in Consciousness, Healing, Energy, and Nature.

So you’re awake, now what? Venturing out into the spiritually conscious community, you may have quickly discovered that there are SO many different paths and avenues to explore. It can be overwhelming! Perhaps your mind was flooded with questions like:

Which Meetup groups should I join?

Are any of them right for me?

I’m so new to all of this, where should I start?

Do I have to be a “weirdo” to fit in, or can I be “normal” and still walk a spiritual path?

Are all of these groups safe?

What will my friends think of me if they found out what I’m into now?

Will I meet people like myself who I can connect with?

Is there a unique Meetup group where I can explore a lot of different spiritual areas of interest to me?

There is now!

Welcome to SPIRIT WORLD - Explorations in Consciousness, Healing, Energy, and Nature!

SPIRIT WORLD is a Meetup group designed for you to comfortably and safely explore your many spiritual areas of interest in the company of fellow conscious individuals just like you! Each month we will feature a multitude of presentations and gatherings, hosted by some of the most professional and respected practitioners in the area. They will be your guides on your own personal spiritual journey. These experts will share and demonstrate their areas of expertise with you while providing them with the platform to promote their own services, classes, and groups for further individual study.

Want to learn about metaphysics? We got that!

Looking to expand your consciousness? You can open up here!

Need help with learning how to walk your spiritual path? We’ll be right next to you!

Interested in psychic phenomena and intuitive abilities? We saw that question coming!

What about Reiki, Archangelic Light, or other energy healing therapies? Get charged up, we have ‘em!

Wish to explore the depths of Astrology? Things are really looking up for you!

Are you into Emotional Freedom Techniques? You can tap into that!

Aromatherapy? Ahhhh… what was I saying?

Meditation? Just let go, you found it!

What about crystals? So many facets to learn!

Looking to reconnect with nature? Well, plant your roots with us!

Think of SPIRIT WORLD MEETUP as a sort of spiritual theme park but within the confines of a soothing sanctuary, where you can choose however you wish your experience to be.

Now that you are consciously awake, it’s time to continue developing the beautiful unfolding of your life path. We would be honored to walk with you and to have you join us at SPIRIT WORLD!

Your Organizer,

Link Freedom - Healcyon (http://healcyon.com)

Mariela Siwarqinti - Inti-Stella Healing (https://www.facebook.com/IntiStellaHealingAndAwakening/?modal=admin_todo_tour)

Andrew Lukonis - EFT Practioner (https://www.thetappingsolution.com/)

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Tones for your Bones: Qi Gong to Live Music! Autumn/Metal Path

Armonía Health LLC


Please read complete details below as this is a hybrid event: in-person for those who wish to attend in Durham followed by virtual series, or sign up just for the virtual series.

Tones for your Bones is a reflective and embodied experience incorporating Chinese Five element philosophy, live music, Qi gong, creative movement, acupressure, and reflections. It is a unique collaboration between Li-Lan and multi-instrumentalist and composer Alex Weiss, with Arthur "Link" Freeman of Healcyon teaching Qi Gong.

The Metal Path in Chinese medicine is connected to the lungs, the skin, the large intestine, crystals, trimming, refining, precision, grief, the breath, letting go. Come learn and experience this through the various aspects of embodiment: using intention, breath, movement, massage, listening.

This workshop is for those interested in meditation, self-awareness, mindfulness practices, music, creative movement, grounding rituals to honor Nature, and creativity. It is also a great way to learn and deepen in one’s connection to the Chinese medicine elements/phases in a fun and embodied way.

The reflection below for the upcoming Metal Path came to Li-Lan her Water day of her moon cycle this month, Water being an energy of deep reflection, of the dream world, and rest. Tones for your Bones has always allowed for this: introspection, meditations, music, Qi Gong and acupressure.

"Metal Element/Path can be considered restrictive, it is one way to define it, but one can turn restriction into precision.

Do you experience the clash between freedom and restriction?

What to do about this clash? Is one meant to win? What really is the outcome?

Don't we all value freedom? Though we know rules/guidelines/restrictions/boundaries are necessary.

Shi Heng Yi, Shaolin Headmaster of Europe, says that without boundaries, one doesn't know true freedom.

So in the spirit of compassion and deepening in the Metal Path, in continuing to set free and let go,

we open the window to this Path, and allow Air, Breath, and Wind to show us a different perspective, a new story."

To register for Tones for your Bones Autumn/Metal, venmo $40 to @Li-Lan-Hsiangweiss or pay by credit card:

Here is a blog post that Austin Dixon L.Ac. wrote for Armonia Health's blog post several years back on:

Want to check out Tones for your Bones? Our Youtube channel is full of visual reflections, musical playlists, Qi Gong videos, and live practices.

Hope to see you in-person or online!

Please share this with family, friends, and clients/patients who may be interested in self awareness and Chinese medicine, thank you!

Look forward to seeing your smile!

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