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Magdalena's Labyrinth - How to Let Your Feet Below Touch the Universe Above
A labyrinth walk is about re-balancing your personal reality, step by step. On this Equinox Day of equal day and equal night, come and balance what you want to let go of, and learn how to invite your deepest heart's desires into your life. The scales of the Libra Autumnal Equinox are the perfect balance between the scurrying of summer and the quiet contemplation of winter. Let your focus be on interpersonal relations, any partnerships, commerce, or love. On this 22nd day of September, the Moon will be walking in the spiritual domain of Pisces, a perfect placement to dissolve the physical into the eternal, inviting the infinite matrix of possibilities back into your steps on Earth. With Libra, we can also use the furtive communication flair of Venus. With the universal energy matrix of Libra and Pisces on this Autumnal Equinox, you'll experience the Labyrinth steps of how to bring your longings into your reality. Come join us, and experience Magdalena's Labyrinth! -------------------------- **An attendance cost of $15 is required with your RSVP to reserve your spot, and to show appreciation for the time and expertise that Magdalena will invest into each individual who attends. **If for some reason you can not pay via Meetup, Magdalena can take card payments via Square at the door. -------------------------- With a strong spiritual focus, Magdalena Young has been a professional astrologer and tarot adviser and teacher based on the ancient logic of the Kabbalah for almost 35 years. With a “student/teacher” approach, she leads clients to the insights of logical correspondences between the unseen world of the psyche and the physical reality of daily life. She consults and writes, using Astrology, Tarot and its related fields, to give meaningful understanding to the full potential of every person. She leads clients to have the confidence of being in control of their lives, in order to make informed choices, as captains of their own journeys. To learn more about Magdalena and her services, please visit her website at -------------------------- Directions and House Identification Philip and Magdalena's house is located on Chapel Hill Road, which is quite busy. During the day, you can look for a yellow house with a green roof, and a BRIGHT RED MAILBOX with green numbers. If you are coming from Cary Parkway down Chapel Hill Road, the driveway is AFTER the mailbox. If you are coming from Maynard down Chapel Hill Road, the driveway is BEFORE the mailbox. Two ORANGE HIGHWAY CONES will also be at the front of the driveway. If it is dark, the highway cones have reflective strips around them, but more importantly the MAILBOX POST has reflective strips that form a Y. So look for the Y when trying to find the driveway at night (the numbers on the mailbox are NOT reflective). Parking is in the back and we often have 12 to 18 people attend, so park CLOSE to others. Philip often helps guide the parking when it is a large group. But if he is not out there, please park mindfully.

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SPIRIT WORLD - Explorations in Consciousness, Healing, Energy, and Nature.

So you’re awake, now what? Venturing out into the spiritually conscious community, you may have quickly discovered that there are SO many different paths and avenues to explore. It can be overwhelming! Perhaps your mind was flooded with questions like:

Which Meetup groups should I join?

Are any of them right for me?

I’m so new to all of this, where should I start?

Do I have to be a “weirdo” to fit in, or can I be “normal” and still walk a spiritual path?

Are all of these groups safe?

What will my friends think of me if they found out what I’m into now?

Will I meet people like myself who I can connect with?

Is there a unique Meetup group where I can explore a lot of different spiritual areas of interest to me?

There is now!

Welcome to SPIRIT WORLD - Explorations in Consciousness, Healing, Energy, and Nature!

SPIRIT WORLD is a Meetup group designed for you to comfortably and safely explore your many spiritual areas of interest in the company of fellow conscious individuals just like you! Each month we will feature a multitude of presentations and gatherings, hosted by some of the most professional and respected practitioners in the area. They will be your guides on your own personal spiritual journey. These experts will share and demonstrate their areas of expertise with you while providing them with the platform to promote their own services, classes, and groups for further individual study.

Want to learn about metaphysics? We got that!

Looking to expand your consciousness? You can open up here!

Need help with learning how to walk your spiritual path? We’ll be right next to you!

Interested in psychic phenomena and intuitive abilities? We saw that question coming!

What about Reiki, Archangelic Light, or other energy healing therapies? Get charged up, we have ‘em!

Wish to explore the depths of Astrology? Things are really looking up for you!

Are you into Emotional Freedom Techniques? You can tap into that!

Aromatherapy? Ahhhh… what was I saying?

Meditation? Just let go, you found it!

What about crystals? So many facets to learn!

Looking to reconnect with nature? Well, plant your roots with us!

Think of SPIRIT WORLD MEETUP as a sort of spiritual theme park but within the confines of a soothing sanctuary, where you can choose however you wish your experience to be.

Now that you are consciously awake, it’s time to continue developing the beautiful unfolding of your life path. We would be honored to walk with you and to have you join us at SPIRIT WORLD!

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