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Are you interested in getting to know the Spiritist Teachings? Or do you already know Spiritism, but do you want to study and get to know more? This is a great opportunity to study . It is a course that allows to know the bases of the Spiritist Teachings(and at the same time to get more knowledge in the study) in a practical, funny and well-relaxed way.

Course content: - God
- Jesus
- Spiritist Teachings and Allan Kardec
- Spirit, perispirit and physical body
- Reincarnation
- Discarnation (death)
- Plurality of inhabited worlds
- Medium
- Obsession
- Knowledge of yourself
- Family
- Prayer and worship of the Gospel of Jesus in the home
- Additions and problems
- Charity and the Spiritist Center

Public: Spiritists and non-Spiritists, from 14 years.

The course is free and has the purpose of presenting the Spiritist Doctrine to those who wish to know it or who already knows it and wishes to study it.

The course is free and no one is converted to Spiritism, since saying Spiritist is a personal decision.

Interested parties can interact with me on the comments.

Beginning of the course September 1st at 6:00 p.m. lasting 2:30 hrs.
LOCATION: 3481 E Sunset rd suite 111, Las Vegas, Nevada

Our activities of spiritual center:

every Tuesday public lecture followed by magnetic. pass at 20:00 hrs
Saturdays charity work with homeless ; in the morning and afternoon our duty group.
Any questions, I am available:-)

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