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We gather to reveal the Truth concerning GOD and how it effects our Wealth Health and Spirit.

Our topics are;

• The Power of The Spoken Word

• The Master Key System - Your Key to Success -Power comes from within, he is weak because he depends on the outside.

• The Healing Energies of Music

• The Teachings Of PTAHHOTEP - The Oldest Book In The World

• Precious Stones - Their Healing Power and Planetary Influence

• Numerology - Discovering The Inner Self

• Symbols And Their Hidden Meanings

• The Mental Causes For Physical Illness and The Metaphysical Way To Overcome Them

• Khamitic Spirituality, The Sacred Women and the Laws of MAAT

• Clear Your Chakras Energy Centers) - Balance Your Life

• Kirlian Aura Reading Equipment-Confirms Your Balance or lack of

• Pranic Healing

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