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✨I’ve certainly found that when I gather with like minded and heart centered ppl I feel GOOD and life synchronistically unfolds all around me, while magically leading me forward.

✨We are already in the process of co-creating a New Earth and we are witnessing the transition period with all the associated political chaos and collapsing systems of fear, domination, inequity and greed.

✨You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, Like attracts Like, so it makes a huge difference what you put your attention on.

✨If you get caught up in focusing upon fear, chaos, relationship drama, pain and suffering; then you’ll just create more of it. reflect and actually contribute to it and strengthen it as well.

✨If you decide to create something different, focus on gratitude, peace and love then you will contribute to the emerging new Earth paradigm.

We are a collective of higher conscious Beings of Light who guide these Circle gatherings.

We speak through Heather-Ahmorah and assist each attendee individually, as well as the group of attendees as a whole.

We guide with the goal in mind to create awareness for humanity’s evolutionary goal to grow into a Soul-conscious species and the need to complement our current outer education with an inner education that is capable of bringing about this transformation.

We educate and inspire beautiful individuals to become right with self, find inner peace, grow Soul conscious, step into their DIVINE nature, feel more of Who they Truly are and awaken to and reach their evolutionary goal.

Through the Ancient Mystery school teachings, these Divine Guided - Circle gatherings provide the tools and instruments our awakening human family needs to take the next step in their evolution, unfold their divine potential and shine their light in the world.

With every shadow you surrender and transform you let more light into your being; and therefore bring more light into this world.

This Ascension is not an easy journey to experience daily, than alone to accomplish. Don’t try to do it alone or you could create more walls instead of learning to take them down. We need each other’s support, encouragement and love. Let’s gather together in Unity and empower each other.

We wish to leave this world a better place long after our life experience.

Join Us...

Welcome to our New Earth being made manifest deep within, Divine Guided circles.

Namaste’ 🙏🏼

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