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✨I’ve certainly found that when I gather with like minded and heart centered ppl I feel GOOD and life synchronistically unfolds all around me, while magically leading me forward.

✨We are already in the process of co-creating a New Earth and we are witnessing the transition period with all the associated political chaos and collapsing systems of fear, domination, inequity and greed.

✨You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, Like attracts Like, so it makes a huge difference what you put your attention on.

✨If you get caught up in focusing upon fear, chaos, relationship dramas, pain and suffering then you reflect and actually contribute to it and strengthen it as well.

✨If you decide to create something different, focus on gratitude, peace and love then you contribute to the emerging new Earth paradigm.

✨These circles are Divine Guided and are meant to support you and the LIGHT that you are, so that you can learn to project Peace and Love in contrast to fear, anger, judgement, blame, justification and so forth.

✨When you RSVP for these circles you might not be AWARE but these circles begin far in advance of the Circle gathering.

✨So notice what’s occurring from the moment you RSVP and how you’re feeling each day, leading up to the Circle gathering day.

✨In circles you can expect:

✨Understand this world is a field of spiritual energy, which is flexible to our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

✨You will understand Humanity’s history when it comes to the Spiritual Awakening process and why so many ppl are awakening now.

✨You’ll learn tools for personal healing and transformation from those who have devoted their lives to helping people be the best version of themselves.

✨You will come to understand the ascension process and what you can do to support yourself and others as humanity makes a giant leap.

✨You will learn why lightworkers struggle to maintain a higher consciousness, and how to remain connected to Source longer over time.

✨You will learn how we unconsciously steal energy from one another; which has been the main reason for so many relationship breakups, and divorces.

✨You will understand control dramas within relationship.

✨You will learn ways to Raise your Positive Vibration that gets you into the Vortex where life magically unfolds in wonderful ways.

✨You’ll feel GOOD!

✨Learn to surrender, let go of the Conditions you place on LOVE!

✨You’ll understand how you’re the spirit and your body is the temple and learn to give your temple and the spirit that you are, what it needs daily.

✨You will learn how to make a significant shifts in consciousness away from fear and toward peace and love in your close relationships.

✨You’ll learn how to give and receive Divine Light.

✨You will begin to embrace your multidimensionality and realize you are so much more magnificent than you could ever imagine!

✨You will learn the key to transforming suffering into life-altering breakthrough.

✨You will learn how to have “mental, emotional, physical and Etheric Spiritual good hygiene” and how to clear out karmic patterns that can be released to the light.

✨Learn to accept and LOVE Yourself.

✨Enjoy working with Archangels and Beings of Divine Light and Saint Germain and the Violet Transmuting Flame.

And much more…….

✨We are all called to be courageously true to who we are. That is what will make a difference.

✨When we are devoted to our own work of healing and transformation, to remove all obstacles to love, we bring light to the world.

This is how we create a New Earth.

The LIGHT is calling you to focus upon the LIGHT that you are; when we gather together we mirror and strengthen the LIGHT.

Heather-Ahmorah is a Government registered Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Family Counsellor, Psychic - Empath and Multidimensional Energy Healer who leads our Divine guided circles.

During Circles our energetic fields unite and as a group and we become more powerful in that moment; therefore what we are focused upon in that moment will expand exponentially and affect our lives for the better❣️

LOVE is all there truly is !!! We welcome you to Join us!

May you go forward in Love, Light and in Peace!


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