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SRE/DevOps @ Hosco: a tech journey to Rancher+Kubernetes

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Hosco, The Hospitality N.


What's knowledge if we don't share it with others? The goal of this Meetup is to bring together developers who want to learn more about Rancher+Kubernetes.

It will take place at Hosco, tech start-up launched in 2011, where Pablo del Vecchio (Hosco's CTO) and Edouard Comtet (Hosco's Full Stack DevOps) will shed light on:

- Migration from OVH to AWS
- Migration from VMs to Docker (pets vs. cattle)
- Migration from ECS to Rancher+Kubernetes
- Cloud & Distributed Systems problem solving
- Strategic DDD and Events

Beer and pizza will follow! Join us!
Hosco HQ
Calle Paris 82, local 1 · Barcelona, al
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