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Organizers of our group :

• Dima Suslikov + Tatiana Gershanovich : Sound Housing / Dwell Foundry : As a team, Dima and Tatiana have have been successful in implementing strategies, tools and procedures to have a smooth operating business that doesn’t require a lot of active involvement and supervision. Them being able to implement streamlining tools is the reason why they have time to network, co-organize and co-host events and handle 20+ projects at the same time.

• Jimmy Tang : Tang Real Estate : Making gold out of coal is the best way to describe Jimmy. He is one of the most active flippers in Seattle market - he could write many books on flipping and strategies. With 10+ projects in New Construction along with many flips at any moment, Jimmy is a wealth of knowledge on many different subjects. However, Jimmy doesn't brag about his accomplishments, even when one of his flips made Seattle Times and Fox13 News, didn't choose to comment.

• Tarl Yarber : Fixated Real Estate : Aka "Mr. Rehab" - Tarl is all about streamlining and putting technology to work - and that's the only way to work when doing 3 flips a month - and running 15+ flips simultaneously. If you come across an issue when flipping, it's likely Tarl already have seen it.

The emphasis of our group is to share experience and ideas on making Real Estate business more organized, easier manageable, and more importantly more profitable. Whether it's first flip or running 15+ projects - we all can make it easier.

You will find that our group has a lot to share in the field from negotiating creative deals, transaction aspects, asset protection, analyzing deals, managing projects, financial instruments to raising money, and doing partnerships. Between all of us, with over 500 projects under our belt, we've become quite knowledgeable on many subjects, and many investors (and other professionals) consult all of us frequently.

WE LOVE TO SHARE KNOWLEDGE (as do other folks in our circles) and we enjoy listening to others. We are always surprised where ideas / approaches come from - even those beginners who haven't done a single deal can suggest something we haven't seen or done before.

A tool that we will end up creating at some point for the group is an online repository of contacts / resources (like books, tools, special discounts that other investors find) - and BLACKLIST of contractors / "experts" / agents that everybody should stay away from. We will keep adding to this list and modifying it as we get to share experiences. This will be EXTREMELY important tool to anybody that doesn't want to make a mistake by dealing with wrong people.

Because of our connections, we will also bring out specialized knowledge experts like Attorneys, CPAs, Foundation Experts, Appraisers, Escrow, Inspectors, City Reviewers / Engineers - to share their experience and give all of us advice on dealing with subjects related to their field - again, with mindset on making life easier.

As our group grows, we will invite other folks that like to have more of audience.

Bottom line, this group is also great of anybody who already invests or wants to invest in Real Estate but be able to do it more effeciently and to have less headaches and more time to spend on other activities.

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