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What we’re about

The purpose of these groups; SAN DIEGO UFO/UAP SOCIETY & STARGATE 2023 & BEYOND-is to educate and inform the public about the ET PRESENCE( UFOs, UAPs, OVNIS and their occupants!) Who are they? why are they interested in us? what are their intentions? Are they leaving us any messages??? Are WE CONNECTED Genetically to some of these Cosmic races? Have some of these races always been AMONG US and been Monitoring All world events and Earth Changes and have been Assisting us throughout the ages? Do Cosmic Angels and Celestial Angels Walk Among Us as well as Cosmic Races that look just like us?... Are there cosmic races that are Benevolent and others Malevolent? How will a DISCLOSURE of the UFO Phenomenon affect Humankind, our government Sciences, Religions, our way of life on our planet ?etc...The SD.UFO SOCIETY provides the public with Scientific information /Facts / Research and Investigations given by invited international and local guest speakers: UFO researchers, Investigators, Scientists, Contactees, Abductees, (Experiencers) with Witnessed accounts and credibility etc. etc...
In the Stargate 2023 and Beyond meetup we offer the other side to this equation in the UFO Phenomenon. I SHARE and give SPIRITUAL/COSMIC information and "TRANSMISSIONS" that are RECEIVED:("TELEPATHICALLY " in a deep-TRANCE STATE ), or a (WAKING SEMI-TRANCE STATE), or "AUTOMATIC WRITING "(Spirit/or Cosmic Communications)as well as, through CLAIRVOYANCE, (similar to scrying or remote viewing) This information is given by the Universe thru my cosmic guides and is of importance .It is being received and given by me ALMA(ATMA) a "vehicle", and a "Telepathic Trance Channel", and by countless others throughout this planet -who of our own FREE WILL chose to be here to do this work at this TIME when the planet and the Human Race will be going through a TRANSITION and A TRANSFORMATION (The "SHIFT") from this 3rd. dimensional Reality of our (created illusions) into the 4th dimensional reality and beyond. This is a period that leads into our next EVOLUTIONARY CYCLE as a planet and as a Human Race. We are Assisting and OPENING the Way to bring about the New Aquarian Age of the sixth sun and bring about a "UNITY" of the human race with a UNITY with our mother Earth, Terra. Gaia)and bring about a SPIRITUAL and COSMIC Awareness and "BALANCE" to RAISE the CONSCIOUSNESS of the Human Race . We are ALL Connected!..UNCONDITIONAL LOVE will be the SALVATION of the Human Race and of our Planet!...There will be a connection between HEAVEN and EARTH. ........... A New REALITY and A NEW EARTH will be what is being prophesied to come. The Choices will be made by our world leaders and from the Collective Consciousness of the human race ( benevolent or otherwise) using our own FREE WILL and Manifesting a NEW REALITY(coming out of our Illusion).The OUTCOME will be seen and reaped at the TIME of "THE HARVEST", or the "ASCENSION"( which may be interpreted in various ways by all our world religions .)...Since 1987,-I began receiving "Messages" by various spiritual means-given by my spiritual cosmic guide JUNO and by other Spiritual and technologically ADVANCED Cosmic Celestial Beings from Several of the Confederations and Federations of FREE PLANETS, as well as Ascended Masters of the Brotherhoods of LIGHT of Unconditional LOVE,( from various "Counsels of Light" .
I received many Communications and "visits" from the Angelic Realms since the age of 5 beginning in my mother's town in Jalisco Mexico, which continued throughout my youth in Mexico and here in the U.S..... Many of my experiences came thru "VISIONS" in waking states or thru dreams of SIGNIFICANT IMPORTANCE relating To THESE TIMES WE ARE LIVING IN!!!
My Paranormal and Cosmic experiences and "Visitations" in the night and "Contacts" continued to my adult years to the present time!. I began to develop more Psychic abilities since 1987 when my full ACTIVATION took place! Since then I have dedicated my life to be of service Unto Others and bring forth this" LIGHT of TRUTH". TIME is speeding up, A TRANSFORMATION of the human race and the planet is taking place which every living soul is seeing and experiencing as prophesies are coming true( spoken of in all religious HOLY Scriptures, spoken of by our Indigenous brothers and sisters, the Hopi and the Mayan elders and written in the Mayan Calendar. ALL these Signs are being seen, felt and experienced to prepare us to take our next Evolutionary step. What will it be? for we are faced with several choices??? The Universe says that we will be "TAKEN OUT" of the DARKNESS & SLAVERY INTO the LIGHT of TRUTH and LIBERATION !!!... Our intent is to EDUCATE the public and "Activate "and Awaken your "INNER BEING" or Higher SELF and RAISE your Consciousness & the Consciousness of the human race by knowing that " We Are Not Alone In the Universe," or on Earth-- Cosmic Brotherhoods exist on earth in human form ,(countless walking AMONG US!) as well as ANGELS in human form and (invisible) BENEVOLENT and MALEVOLENT?)as they exist in the heavens in various other forms from other planetary systems. If you belief in Higher Spiritual Truths and in the existence of various Cosmic Brotherhoods, --these are the groups, (SAN DIEGO UFO/UAP SOCIETY & STARGATE 2023 & BEYOND) will bring you more Enlightenment !! EDUCATION, and Preparation for what is to Come???

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