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WomAndroid Hackathon with Truecaller in October (RSVP opens 12:00 22/9)
Hi everyone, WomAndroid is two days of a hands-on hackathon for women who have experience in Android and want to be part of a cosy environment focusing on learning, creating and sharing. It is also open to non-binary and transgender people. The hackathon will be hosted by Truecaller, and the main idea is empowering each other with knowledge sharing. The theme of the hackathon, decided after a vote in this group earlier this summer, is sustainability with inspiration from UN's 17 sustainable development goals. Read more about them: Wait, what? Tell me more! Think of a weekend with MVP (Minimum Viable Product) product development, presenting ideas, and a lot of coding. And then add the opportunity to meet and work with other talented people and develop your skills. Of course with the help of unlimited amounts of coffee. Soooo, is that all? Nope :). Teams will be assigned randomly at the event to create a mix of experience and expertise. At the end of the hackathon each team will be evaluated on the project idea, the reason for and choice of used technologies and of course code quality. The top 3 teams will be awarded some cool, useful gadgets that help you to improve your technical skills. Can I help with something? Of course, you can :) As we mentioned earlier, the hackathon is focusing on knowledge sharing, so we will have two 15-20 min lightning talks each day. If you are interested to give a technical or inspirational talk, please contact us. LIGHTNING TALKS (~20 mins for each): 1. "Remote and local control behaviour of android application" by Olga Kuzmina Abstract: How to develop new features and keep existing ones in scope of CI&CD process? How to change the behaviour of application in required situation? How to improve QA experience? Biography: Olga Kuzmina, Android developer at Truecaller. Currently live in Sweden, originally from Russia. Participated in development and supporting various Android apps for several major companies such as Tinkoff, Revel Systems. Fell in love with Android 6 yeard ago, love writing elegant and concise code using Kotlin. Prefer default colour scheme with a white background in Android Studio. 2. "Who needs inheritance anyway? With Kotlin you don’t! Time to say goodbye to most of the base classes!" by Sevil Guler Abstract: It is not surprising that most of us probably end up working on a project where we are dealing with over-inherited classes such as fragments or activities. We will talk about an alternative to inheritance concept called delegation pattern, which Kotlin supports natively and not surprisingly without requiring any boilerplate. Biography: Sevil Guler is a Senior consultant at Netlight, helping companies to provide high-quality mobile services to their users. Former at Betsson and Spotify, her strong competence includes Android development with Kotlin and Java, as well as continuous integration and continuous delivery for mobile. Against all repetitive work, she is passionate about automation. Currently, she is preparing herself to jump into IoT with her knowledge in security and strong mobile skills. Likes running, basketball and dogs. 3. TBD 4. TBD *Let us know if there is any specific topic you would like to have as a lightning talk. Depending on the demand we can also increase the number of the lightning talks.* FAST FACTS - Theme: Sustainability (inspiration from UN 2020 goals) - Lunch will be served both days (and there will be snacks, coffee, drinks etc. to keep the energy up) - Kids: There will be a room for children. We will have a kindergarten teacher/Nanny during the hackathon to take care of them if needed. - T-shirts for everyone Show your interested and get all the news by following the Hackathon on Facebook:


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