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Come to learn, discuss and get to know fellow Angular developers in the STL area. We love seeing new faces and swapping stories of Angular Development. We try to keep the topics introductory so that newer members feel welcome, but one-on-one conversations allow us to dive deeper.

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FORMulas for Success with Angular Reactive Forms

20 S Sarah St

This will be our first week with our new rebooted format. This format consists of two parts. One, a live coding walk-through answering frequently asked questions from the community. And two, a standard format talk presented by a member of the community. This week Andrew Wiens will be presenting on Angular forms. Forms are often the most important part of a web application. While Angular easily allows handling raw events from the user, such as clicking or tapping on the screen, forms allow the user to enter data into the application. While forms may seem straightforward at first, there are many small details to get right: The user's inputs typically need to be checked, or validated, to make sure they have entered acceptable values. Inputs in one component may need to be processed and displayed in a different component. Entering certain values in some inputs may need to cause other inputs to be enabled/disabled or shown/hidden. Luckily, Angular's forms API automatically handles many of these aspects for us. In this talk, we will see simple FORMulas and design patterns for building Angular reactive forms. As we will see, the API for these kinds of forms is built into Angular and makes it easy to handle changes from a single control up to many large groups of inputs.

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Grand Reopening - "The State of Angular 2019"

20 S Sarah St

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