Canceled Meetup

Climate Reality Monthly Meetup: "What's Up with the Arctic?"


What is going on up in the Arctic?
-Record low summer ice extent in 2012?
-Polar ice breaking up 51 days earlier than normal so far this year?
-Thawing permafrost releasing massive quantities of heat trapping methane into the atmosphere?
-Is what is going on up north affecting the weather down here?
-Should we take emergency actions to limit further changes to the polar regions?

Paul Beckwith is a climate researcher, student and educator at the University of Ottawa, Ontario. He also writes a Climate blog for the Canada Sierra Club and "The Canadian" and is a member of "The Arctic Methane Emergency Group".

Paul is an expert on the Arctic and the impact that a decreasing polar ice cap is having on our climate system. In a nutshell, he considers it an "Emergency" situation.

We'll focus our conversation with Paul on why he is so concerned about what is going on in the Arctic and what we should about it.

You can read about Paul at the links below:

Paul was also recently interviewed by "Ecoshock" radio about the possibility of 6C warming within 2 decades. You can listen here: