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STL JS is the first and largest JavaScript meetup in the St. Louis metro area. This meetup brings together developers from all backgrounds and of all skill levels to discuss the wonderfully divisive, ever-evolving, and incredibly universal lingua franca of the web: JavaScript.

Whether you're a full-time, full-stack JS software engineer who works in Node and React all day every day, or a beginning developer straight out of bootcamp who had to use a sprinkle of jQuery in your rails project, this meetup is for you.

We meet downtown once per month for a meetup that includes an opportunity to network with others in the St. Louis tech scene, instructional talks on JavaScript topics, "hackathon" project time, and more. We also have a discussion forum and mailing list, so you can participate all month long.

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JavaScript Promises: Thinking Sync In An Async World

Meetup starts at 6:30pm with 30 minutes of social time. Beginning at 7pm, Second Street's Kerrick Long will present JavaScript Promises: JavaScript Promises have come a long way in the last few years, from a community project with a few libraries to test things out to a first-class citizen of the JavaScript language with syntactic sugar to make working with them even easier. Learn how to create, consume, and use promise chains, and then learn how to make it even easier with the new `async` and `await` keywords! Starting about 8:15pm, we'll move into a hacking session to experiment with the material that's been presented, and with JavaScript, browsers, and node.js in general. Complimentary beer (21+ only), sodas, and sandwiches will be provided by this month's food sponsor, Second Street (https://secondstreet.com/careers). Come hungry, come thirsty, bring your laptop, and be ready to code! STL JS is dedicated to a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. Our anti-harassment policy can be found at: https://github.com/STL-JS/code-of-conduct

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VueJS Applied + Testing With Cypress.io

Sketch Development Services

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