• How to Promote Your Podcast Starring - YOU!

    Black Bear Diner - St. Charles

    Have we got a gift for you this holiday season! Everyone wants to know what are the best ways (and avenues) to promote your podcast. In addition to giving you some great tips, tricks and detail, we're going to - check out how YOUR podcast is being promoted and give you some PERSONALIZED TIPS on helping to more effectively promote your program and grow your audience! It's our gift to you this holiday season to thank you for helping to make the STLPodcasters.Com effort one of the largest in the MeetUp family! Will YOU be there?

  • Kick Your Podcast Effort in the Pants!

    Pizzeoli Wood Fired Pizza Napoletana

    Every podcaster - regardless of whether you've launched your program or not - has been "stuck." Unable to move forward. It's time to kick your podcast effort in the pants and sprint forward! Stop in an enjoy the tasty Neopolitan Pizza goodness Pizzeoli and talk with podcasters of all kinds! From those who have been in the game since the start, to people who have only just been bitten by the podcast bug - they'll all be there on August 8th, 2018! Still not sure you're ready to get on track? No problem - it's all Wednesday Wine Special Nite! That's right! Whether you're ready to get goin' or swim in some self-defeat, come and do it with people that know how you feel and have some great pizza all at the same time!

  • iTunes SEO: How to write compelling show descriptions in 50 characters or less

    CET Showroom (at the CIC Building)

    Networking will begin at 6pm, then we get into the topic at 7pm. It has been proven that a good episode titles and descriptions can increase the likelihood of someone pressing "PLAY" on your podcast. Don't be that guy/gal that begins a description with "In this episode" <--- because that right there wasted 68% of what a person will see in the Podcasts App and 37% of what is visible in iTunes (desktop). Come join me and host Travis Hornsby from StudentLoanPlanner.com on how to write good episode titles and descriptions to maximize the chances that someone will listen to your show. *Please plan ahead to be early or on time. We will network and have general discussions for the first hour to give everyone time to arrive by 7pm.

  • Microphones 101 at HEIL's Headquarters!

    Location visible to members

    • Microphone 101 Michelle Levitt, Marketing Director for Heil Sound and a podcaster herself, is opening the doors for us at Heil Headquarters in Fairview Heights, IL. Their office is located just south of I-64 on Rt 159 - across from Fazoli's and next to the KRISPY KREME. If traffic is light, I might even bring over a dozen glazed for everyone to share :) • Schedule of events: Doors open at 6pm. The first hour will consist of socializing and networking Beginning at 7pm, Michelle will give a presentation on the technical side of microphones. • About Heil Sound Heil is the designer and builder of world-class microphones for stage, studio, broadcast, and PODCAST. Their PR40 model is often referred to as the golden standard for podcasters. Mike Wilkerson, member of this MeetUp group, uses PR40s and the very sexy Fin mic. We are honored to be invited to host our MeetUp at Heil HQ. Be sure to RSVP because seating is limited.

  • Podcasters Social Hour (and Pick My Brain)

    The U.R.B. (Urban Research Brewery)

    • What we'll do Let's get together for a social hour (or two) to talk about our podcasts, what we want to do to improve our podcasts, or how we hope to launch our first podcast. Steve Stewart has more than 7 years experience recording, editing, publishing and promoting podcasts. He now produces shows for more than 20 individuals, so you can be certain to either get an answer to that burning question you've been afraid to ask - or Steve will direct you to a resource with the answer. • What to bring Bring your beer money, because URB sells pizza, salads, beer, and sodas. • Important to know

  • How to Create a Podcast for less than $100

    TechArtista Coworking Center St. Louis


    Whether you have already started to podcast or not, this meetup will give you the meat and potatoes for what it takes to create a podcast. By the end of this class, you will experience what many others have testified: You'll walk out knowing what it's going to take for you to launch a show of your own or improve the quality and process of creating a podcast episode. Mike Wilkerson and Steve Stewart are the professionals with more than 20 years combined experience in the podcasting space. They will answer all your questions and/or point you to the resources you need to make your podcast a success. Materials will be handed out, but bring a notepad (electronic or analog). Seats are limited and non-refundable.

  • Pre-Podcast Movement Pizza and Podcasting at The U.R.B.

    The U.R.B. (Urban Research Brewery)

    Show up any time. There is no set agenda - just a bunch podcasters getting together for pizza and a cold beverage at The U.R.B. - 4501 Manchester Avenue. Steve will be attending Podcast Movement (http://podcastmovement.com/schedule) August 23-25, so now is the time to ask him the questions he can ask the experts who are speaking this year. Also: Thinking about making money as a podcast editor? Mike Wilkerson is running the Editor Corps (http://editorcorps.com) - a St. Louis based podcast editing service that can work virtually anywhere - virtually! Come join us for food, fun, and bring a friend!

  • How to Launch a Podcast - Fast!

    TechArtista Coworking Center St. Louis


    We are taking a serious dive into what it takes to create a podcast: 1) How to pick your niche 2) How to prep for a show 3) Recording your show 4) What it takes to launch a podcast (list on iTunes, email list, website, etc) Over 20 years of podcasting experience will be available to answer your specific questions. By the end of this MeetUp you will know everything needed to launch a podcast, and we will address your specific questions before you leave. One-on-one coaching is also available outside of this group. Contact me (Steve) for more information: http://SteveStewart.me/schedule

  • Social Gathering to talk Podcasting at Urban Street Brewery

    Urban Chestnut Grove Brewery & Bierhall

    There is no agenda, just show up and hang out. Urban Chestnut Brewing Company "GROVE BREWERY & BIERHALL" at 4465 Manchester Avenue offers a full kitchen, with a wide selection from salads to sandwiches to oysters. Visit http://urbanchestnut.com/location-and-hours for more details.

  • PODCAST WORKSHOP: Bring your questions, we will have solutions

    TechArtista Coworking Center St. Louis

    We've had a number of people attend who are in the early stages of building their shows. Bring your laptops, microphones, mixers, recorders, etc and we will work one-on-one with you to answer any question you have.