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We are a small group of makers, programmers and enthusiasts in Missouri who want to bring together people who are interested in the Raspberry Pi and similar technologies. Our goal is to provide a place for beginners to learn, experts to share, and where everyone has a great time. We are not associated with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, however we do agree with their goal to promote STEM education. Raspberry Pi is a fantastic platform for learning programming, circuit design, and computer science concepts. While our focus is on the Raspberry Pi, we encourage members to explore other platforms as well. Arduino, BeagleBone, and other great products can do some amazing things! If you have a completed project, non-working prototype, or even an idea stop by. Bring your project, tell your story! If you just got your first Pi, or are thinking about getting one come in and ask questions! We can help get you up and running. If you’ve been working with microprocessors, robotics, home automation, programming, high energy particle physics, and feel the need to share your knowledge and experience; please consider speaking or attending as a mentor! Our events are all inclusive, all age events. You do not have to be a student. We ask that anyone under the age of 18 be accompanied by an adult. We encourage everyone to attend regardless of age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, programming language, operating system, or text editor preference.

Past events (15)

Pi and Coffee at Bread Co

1909 S Brentwood Blvd

Danforth Raspberry Pi Presentations

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Join us for a DDPSCMG Winter Social (Raspberry Jam)

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Arduino Day Show & Tell (TechShop event)

Tech Shop

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