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STL RPGs sole focus is to bring gamers together. Whether you are new in town or have been waiting a few years for an area meetup to form - now is the time to meet some quality like-minded folks. Dust off the dice, print off the character sheets and actually connect with a crew playing your favorite role playing game!

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[Full] Manifestation 2: Extinction Event (Pathfinder, Greyhawk)

UPDATE: This game is full and at this time not recruiting, but if you leave an application below we will contact you should recruitment reopen.

A Great Calamity befalls the world of Greyhawk. Now a small party of lowborn would-be heroes must rise up to fight a foe more sinister than this world has ever suffered. Their perilous journey will take them from city to dungeon, navigating politics between great nations at war, on a quest against time to save the world from ancient evil forces too great to fathom.

Pathfinder 1st Edition RPG Character Level 1 - 25. Beautiful 3D dungeons included. Adults only, mature themes. Approximate campaign length: 3-5 years.

Interested players can post applications by leaving a comment with the following information:
1. Name or Nickname
2. Age / Gender / County
3. Occupation / Highest level of education completed.
4. Can you consistently make the game time weekly for up to 5 years (the maximum projected campaign length)? I.e. 80% attendance at the minimum.
5. How well acquainted are you with Pathfinder 1st Edition? How many games have you played in this system? If new, how willing are you to take the time to learn?
6. Do you consider yourself a hardcore gamer or casual gamer?
7. List 3 favorite movies, 3 favorite books, and 3 favorite TV series.
8. Describe the worst experience you had as an RPG player.
9. Describe your most glorious moment you had as a player.

If you seem like a good fit for our group, we will PM you for a phone interview. Happy Gaming!

Dungeons and Dragons @ Creve Coeur Fantasy Shop

The Fantasy Shop

Creve Coeur Fantasy Shop hosts Dungeons and Dragons night!

Headed up by lead GM Monte, they are hosting this meetup in house. There are 2+ tables every week with a new player friendly atmosphere!

Please post here with any questions!

Due to concerns over the COVID-19 Virus, this event has been temporarily suspended. The Creve Couer Fantasy Shop will announce on their website when events at the store are resumed. For further announcements please follow the Fantasy Shop on social media:

D&D 5E Campaign: Celtic Myth & Legends - Currently Closed to New Players

5E D&D rule set home brew game focused on Celtic myth & legend. There of course will be fantasy influences and magic in an immersive setting. New players and first timers are welcome, we have a few spots left still. We already had a first session for a meet & greet along with world background and character creation.

The Ri of clan Maedoc is dead, our adventure continues in the lands of the Picts!

Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Interest Check (Saga Edition, Legends)

This game time is just an opening bid. If you are interested in potentially attending a Mandalorian TV-show inspired tabletop game of Star Wars Saga Edition (Wizards of the Coast most popular Star Wars RPG System) send me a message with your available times (as detailed as possible) and what character you would be interested in playing as. Please note that this will be set in the Star Wars Legends Universe (formerly Expanded Universe) rather than the Disney Canon. Yes, there will be 3D terrain and full color Star Wars miniatures used, including ships.

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