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Democratizing Machine Learning

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Google's "special sauce" is embedding machine learning (ML) in everything we do, but ML shouldn't just be for gigantic tech companies!

Hear from Alex Walker, the first ever Chief Cookie Officer at Google, on how the rise of ML will lower barriers to market entries and lead to an explosion in new business models.

In the not-so-distant past, only large companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple had access to the massive data and computing resources needed to train and launch sophisticated ML algorithms. Small startups and individuals simply didn’t have access and were effectively blocked out.

That changes now.

The democratization of ML gives individuals and startups a chance to get their ideas off the ground and prove their concepts before raising the funds needed to scale.

But access to data is only one way in which ML is being democratized. Learn about the efforts underway to standardize and improve access across all layers of the machine learning stack, including scalable computing platforms, software frameworks, tools, and ML algorithms.

We appreciate Google for sponsoring this month's event!

About the Speaker:
Alex Weaver is the first ever Chief Cookie Officer at Google. Her main responsibilities include eating cookies, drinking Topo Chico, and helping companies migrate workloads to Google Cloud. Prior to joining Google, Alex worked as an electrical engineer in the nuclear industry and managed to receive only minor doses of radiation which led to curlier hair.