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This is a group for people who are interested in learning American Sign Language to practice and share resources. Whether you know a little ASL, or a lot, or none, this is an opportunity to become more familiar and more fluent.

We are Deaf/deaf, Hard-of-Hearing and hearing. We are ASL-interpreting students, certified interpreters, other professionals and non-professionals who simply enjoy learning languages. We are all ages and come from all walks of life. Whoever you are, you are one of us.

Despite what appears to be low-ish attendance if you look at meetup RSVPs (which are not required), we usually have from 8-15 people in attendance at most meetups. Our record is 26 signers (and one dog)! Let's break the record this year!

Sunday meetings generally follow this schedule each month:
1st Sunday- Brentwood Blvd. Bread Company, 2pm
2nd Sunday - Galleria Food Court, 2pm
3rd Sunday - Varies (but the St. Louis Art Museum Tour is always an option)
4th Sunday - Creve Coeur Bread Company on New Ballas, 2pm
Last Sunday (4th or 5th) - Creve Coeur Bread Company on New Ballas, New Members at 1pm, All members join at 2pm.

We also periodically have special events. In the past we have gone to the zoo, festivals, Pieces (board game bar), escape rooms, parks, peach-picking, swimming pool parties, movies, plays, silent weekends, and other events. We are always open to new ideas! This is a collaborative group!

Occasionally meetings are designated silent/sign only for more intense practice, but most involve some degree of "Simultaneous Communication." "Sim-Com" is not ideal for learning ASL grammar but can be helpful for expanding vocabulary, especially for beginners. At any meeting, you are welcome and encouraged to communicate at whatever level is comfortable for you.

Before attending, it may be helpful (but not necessary) to be familiar with the ASL manual alphabet. Some helpful basics can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=135nVaYN8NNd9CyYqnrIsw6pVeQ7fvMlc

You are also invited to join us on our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Stlasl/
Welcome one and all!

-Rebecca Davis


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ASL-interpreted tour at the St. Louis Art Museum

St. Louis Art Museum

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ASL Meetup - Brentwood

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ASL Meetup - Creve Coeur

St. Louis Bread Company

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