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Developer & Designer Meetups:

Regular technical meetings with designers and developers focused on current topics and news. We usually organize one every month and we are open to everyone who is interested in joining us. To make sure you don't miss out on new events, follow us on Facebook.

Our events are free, but they have limited capacity.

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STRV Web3 Meetup

STRV Prague


We’re excited to be launching STRV Web3 Meetups — monthly panel discussions about NFTs, blockchain, crypto, DeFi and everything in between. Free, educational, fun. Join us!

The plan? Regular chats on all things web3 with pros in the field. The goal? Providing a space for like-minded enthusiasts and helping those with signs of FOMO catch up.

Every month, we’ll have different guests on stage, armed and ready for a broad conversation (led by STRV CEO Lubo Smid) and a Q&A sesh with the audience. Then it’s on to networking, food and drinks at STRV’s Scrollbar and spacious terrace.

Here’s who you can expect to see on May 24th.

  1. NFT Scoring, “NFT trading platform”

Guests: Adam Zvada & David Mokos (Co-founders)
Backed by Y Combinator, NFT Scoring helps you understand the NFT market in any given moment, make the best decisions and take faster actions.

  1. Rumpel Crew, a “bad-ass street art character entering NFTs”

Guest: Tino Hrnciar (Co-founder)
Long featured in Life is Porno’s streetwear collections, Rumpel is a street art character moving into the metaverse. And these hand-painted Rumpels with innovative utility have just entered the Ethereum blockchain.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Event starts at 7 p.m. Free admission.
May 24th in our Prague office and Scrollbar.
(Event will be in English.)

Grab a ticket and let’s ride this web3 wave. #WAGMI

STRV Academy: Backend

STRV Prague

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STRV’s Backend team is the backbone of every project. It’s not only about developing the backend but about finding a solution to a problem and resolving it using the right tools. Our STRV Academy is meant for all backend engineers who want to either improve their backend skills or switch to the Node.js ecosystem from different tech stacks. Become a real problem solver!

The Goal of the STRV Academy: Backend

Backend is the biggest ecosystem among all platforms. So many technologies, languages, databases, options for infrastructure and much more. All of the various technologies are great, but each has a different purpose.

At STRV, we focus on delivering different types and sizes of mostly B2C projects to our startup-like US-based clients. For that purpose, Node.js is generally the most effective and popular tool. And it’s not just about the language/runtime; it’s also about the related ecosystem. TypeScript, NPM, Docker, Kubernetes, Postgres, MongoDB, Terraform, AWS CDK, REST, GraphQL, CI/CD, AWS/GCP and more. All of these things will be the main focus of our Academy.

This course will be full of live coding, real exercises and hands-on experience. Don’t be afraid of being burdened with a lot of theory — that’s not how we do things. Our goal is to provide you with the best practices we’ve learned over the years and on hundreds of projects, to make you a better backend engineer and a real problem solver!
Long story short: After this course, you should know enough to work at STRV (or any similar company that seeks strong engineers).

Sounds good? Let's go! Sign up on our website and let's hop on a call to get to know each other a bit!

STRV Academy: Becoming an iOS Engineer

STRV Prague


The STRV iOS team is big on sharing what we know, something we apply within our team and our community. The STRV Academy is the perfect way for us to put everything we’ve learned over the years to good use, helping raise the next generation of iOS engineers.

Our mission is to provide you with the necessary knowledge to build a small iOS application from scratch. On the way, you go beyond the basics of the Swift programming language and learn to build simple UI with two Apple frameworks: the modern SwiftUI framework and the historical but still essential UIKit framework. You also get the notion of software architectures used in the Apple ecosystem and implement a scalable networking layer with properly handled asynchronous jobs.
The STRV Academy isn’t here to throw a ton of theory at you. We want you to experience the craft and try out the new skills you’ll gain — so expect plenty of coding.


Week 1: Swift - Intense crash course
Week 2: Xcode - Introduction to the IDE, dependency managers, project structure
Week 3: UIKit - Basics of UIKit, essential UIView subclasses, auto layout
Week 4: Navigation - Navigation paradigms, coordinators
Week 5: Introduction to SwiftUI - Introduction, essential types of views, view state
Week 6: SwiftUI: The story continues - More SwiftUI components, more advanced SwiftUI topics
Week 7: SwiftUI<>UIKit interoperation - Embed UIKit in SwiftUI, embed SwiftUI in UIKit
Week 8: Advanced Swift - Protocols and generics, Swift Concurrency, Combine
Week 9: Architectures - Architectures of iOS apps, MVVM-C, dependency injection
Week 10: Networking - Generic networking layer, Codable


We expect our participants to have either basic knowledge of the iOS platform at the trainee level and general awareness of software development, or good knowledge of software development in a different language/on a different platform.

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