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These meetups are for anyone interested in SAS - be that programming, administration, analytics, modelling or just for fun.

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The Power of PROC FORMAT by Jonas Bilenas

Online event

The FORMAT procedure in SAS® is a very powerful and productive tool, yet many beginning programmers rarely make use of it.

The FORMAT procedure provides a convenient way to do a table lookup in SAS. User-generated FORMATS can be used to assign descriptive labels to data values, create new variables, and find unexpected values.

PROC FORMAT can also be used to generate data extracts and to merge data sets. This paper provides an introductory look at PROC FORMAT for the beginning user and provides sample code that illustrates the power of PROC FORMAT in a number of applications.

Additional examples and applications of PROC FORMAT can be found in the no longer published SAS® Press book titled “The Power of PROC FORMAT."

• 12:15 - Join online Zoom call

• 12:20 - "The Power of PROC FORMAT" by Jonas Bilenas (Working in the Banking Industry for 35 Years).

• 12:40 - Next event announcement, any other topics/questions

• 12:45 - The end of the Zoom call

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