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Enjoy the waters of Guelph Lake, Eramosa River, Shade's Mill reservoir or the Speed River on a SUP board. Great fun for all! Must know how to swim and we recommend at least one lesson.

Hosted by Blue Motion Fitness Inc. www.bluemotionfitness.com

What to Bring:

- Dress for the weather!

- Something to secure your Shades so they don’t fall in and sink!

- Sunscreen, Hat, and a Water Bottle are all recommended for sunny days!

- Don’t forget your (Waterproof) Cameras!

Important Information:

-Must be able to swim and over 18 years old

- Events are subject to weather and other factors out of our control. If we must cancel or delay an event we will let you know as soon as possible.

- Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for Check-In to ensure we get out on time.

Below are Summary notes from our Zoom meeting on June 5, 2021:

1. COVID restrictions. Currently, everyone is allowed to paddle on their own or with their household. Currently, 5 people may gather outdoors. With Step 1, the Province will then allow outdoor lessons and fitness classes. At that time,10 people are permitted to gather outdoors.

2.I, Tamara Colaizzi, am the founder of Blue Motion Fitness Inc and sponsor for SUP Guelph. I founded SUP Guelph with the intention of building a local SUP board community. Our group has simple rules. A) Be friendly, kind and courteous. B) If you RSVP for an event, be on time. C) If you RSVP but can not attend, please message the event organizer. D) Respect nature and leave no trace. E) Safety always comes first.

3.Water activities are risky. We mitigate the risk by using safety equipment and following safety rules and guidelines.

This link lists SUP boarding safety equipment:... (https://www.bluemotionfitness.com/uploads/2/2/0/2/22020162/sup_safety_gear.pdf

This link sends you to a page on the Blue Motion Fitness website that has different helpful links ... (https://www.bluemotionfitness.com/sup-board-helpful-links.html

This link is my favourite safety resource. It is a series of videos regarding safety when using SUP boards. It includes understanding weather information, what to pack, waterways' rules, river paddling, and much, much more!.... (https://startboating.ca/en/stand-up-paddle-board/sup-videos-eng

4.If you are looking for lessons, Blue Motion Fitness offers lessons to beginners and provides all the necessary equipment.... (https://www.bluemotionfitness.com/sup-board-lessons.html

5. Meetup events are best when members are available! During our Zoom meeting, most attendees preferred evenings and weekends. Of course, anyone interested in the early morning or during the day on weekdays can certainly organize an event. In fact, we are seeking Event Organizers! If you would be interested in volunteering for this position that would help the group open up more times and days for meetup events. Your responsibilities would include setting up the event (I would happy to help), and attend the event.

6.For events I attend, I will rent out 5 boards (and needed equipment) for $25+HST. Anyone that rents a board does require to have a beginner lesson with Blue Motion Fitness Inc. to ensure your safety and understanding of how to use the equipment.

7. GRCA memberships are a super deal. For further information, please use this link: ... (https://www.grandriver.ca/en/outdoor-recreation/Park-services-and-info.aspx)

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