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SUPA Product, a movement for product excellence by design.

As a movement for product excellence, SUPA Product grows through alignment with the following values:

1. People first.

• Not only the customers and end-users, but also every human (workers) who touches the product from inception to destruction

• No human harmed at any point

• Recognition, respect for the dignity, empathy and validation of all human contribution and touchpoints

• No destruction of planet and limited resources that sustain human life

2. Questioning the status quo as well as the unknown.

• how to use technology to increase quality of life for all involved across all phases of the product lifecycle development and usage from inception to destruction.

• why are things done, made, built, promoted, manufactured, destroyed this way?

• what are the implications of these actions?

• how can this process, product, viewpoint be improved?

3. Finding the market first.

• Demonstrating that a problem is worth solving;

• Encouraging identification of solutions for problems that must be solved that may never have a market to enhance the quality of life on the planet for all.

4. Empowering people with knowledge.

• Providing a foundation of knowledge via educational events that forward product leaders, makers and business people to be accountable for the results of their product endeavors

• Increasing exposure to thought leaders and ideas via community and digital events, summits, conferences, meetups, workshops, hands-on and immersive, experiential trainings on subject matter immediately implementable and executionable

• Opening doors, providing bridges and making this information accessible across boundaries

5. Identifying appropriate process as opposed to forcing process on people and systems.

• Employing systems approaches and best practices

• Recognizing process (or lack thereof) is a symptom of culture – not a bandaid or panacea

• Functionality first: Form follows function

6. Implementing tools with empathy for the people involved.

7. Long tail view – immediate experimentation for sustainable, long term results.

8. Cross functional, cross-discipline and cross-team collaboration.

9. Bias towards.

• action,

• inclusion,

• transparency,

• win/win,

• diversity,

• productized results, and

• continuous learning organizations.

We welcome people from all disciplines and stages of product evolution:


UX professionals

Founders, funders, CEOs

Software developers

Product Marketers, Agile Marketers, Growth Hackers

Product managers

Community managers

Customer Support & Service

Content strategists

Business Analysts

Project managers

And anyone who loves to talk and think about products!

Come share what you've learned and learn from others about the art AND discipline of all the facets involved in the process of breathing life into a product, managing actionable goals and producing scalable businesses...

We encourage open debate so the group can learn from us and each other. SUPA Product events may be led by a guest speaker or a panel of experts ideally representative of the local community.

SUPA Product Talks is also a networking function. An opportunity for anyone passionate about product quality and what it takes to delight customers to come together to meet, interact, and network. The ideal environment within which sharing and learning can flourish and complement the knowledge base for all on a peer to peer basis. We encourage Product People across different industries to meet up and exchange business cards. You never know where your next job offer will come from.



--->Join the community in between face to face SUPA Product events:

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Got questions, suggestions for speakers, topics, sponsors & locations? Shoot Cindy an email: cindy@startupproduct.com

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