Silicon Valley Code Camp 17: Introduction To The Lean Definition Process


If you already got a ticket to the 12th annual Silicon Valley Code Camp, plan to attend The Introduction To The Lean Definition Process on Sunday, 2:00 PM with Malcolm Knapp of the Engineer Accelerator and Cindy Solomon of Startup Product Academy.

Attendees will be exposed to the Lean Definition Process developed by Knapp and Solomon to increase successful product outcomes, facilitate collaborative product teams, and enable effective product leadership and happy product professionals.

• Learn to make compelling engineering arguments based on quantifiable evidence

• Learn an effective approach to organizing highly complex, chaotic & constantly changing information and priorities

• Be exposed to a set of lightweight highly adaptable documentation for capturing complex project information and communicating it across diverse team input

Volunteer slots may still be available if you haven't already registered.

Town Hall’s capacity limits us to 800 attendees and 12 speaking rooms. Sessions will be 45 minutes with 7 sesions on Saturday and 6 on Sunday.

Code Camp is a community event where developers learn from fellow developers. We also have developer related topics that include software branding, legal issues around software as well as other topics developers are interested in hearing about. Registration is required and we have not opened registration for 2017 yet.

When we do open registration, be prepared to pay a small fee this year for each day (we will announce an early bird price). Unlike previous years where we did not count on all registered attendees to come, this year we need to more accurately count registrations as we have a hard limit of 800 attendees.

Sessions (Saturday and Sunday)

Sessions ( will range from informal chalk talks to presentations. There will be a mix of presenters – some experienced folks and some that may be speaking in public for the first time. And we are expecting to see people from throughout the Northern California region and beyond.