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Burlesque 101 Fall 2018 Graduation Recital
Melissa's been putting a lot of work into her burlesque classes and she's ready to show you her craft! Probably the most affordable burlesque show you can go to at a mere seven bucks. From the site: "See the students of the Fall 2018 Burlesque 101 class of the Rose City School of Burlesque graduate in their recital! After working their way sweating through the sparkle of a 10 week introductory burlesque course, they're ready to shed their cocoons and make their glittery premiere and entrance into the shiny, sparkly world of burlesque... Join us as we celebrate their hard work and the continuation of the wonderful world of burlesque!"

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1400 Southeast Morrison Street · Portland, OR

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Ever feel like you're too weird/socially awkward/morbid to make quality friendships at this point in your life? You're not, and you're not alone!

It's hard to make weirdo friends when you're an introvert, ladies, but enter the beauty of the internet. If you prefer socializing in small groups of strange women to socializing in big groups of strangers, you're in the right place. If you want to talk about topics "normal," judgier members of society would call weird, join up! If you got the reference in the name of this group, you're where you belong, honey. Let's get together and be our weirdest selves! And if that means we wind up being a Portland Murderinos group, so be it.

Do you like watching horror movies? Exploring the dark underbelly of life? Contemplating your own inevitable demise on a regular basis? Is Elvira your hero? Girl, this is the place for you.

Potential Meetup activities: pre-gaming at horror movie screenings, discussing favorite creepy places to visit and paranormal phenomenon over coffee or spirits (pun intended), swapping unsettling book recommendations, and wishing every day was Halloween.

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