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Welcome to the sixth program of the free monthly Engineering Leadership Academy.

Hosted by the Silicon Valley Engineering Leadership Community, the Engineering Leadership Academy is a new resource for:
• new managers and leads
• individual contributors mulling over what managing/leading might be like
• more seasoned leaders ever focused on improving their skills.

On to tonight's program:

Typical Interview Questions for Engineering Managers. After looping through endless interviews for engineering manager roles, Vidal Graupera overviewed the gamut of questions he’d faced in this article https://www.managersclub.com/popular-interview-questions-for-engineering-managers/

In this interactive workshop, Vidal will share the questions - and his own real life experience answering them - and interviewing for engineering manager roles.

You’ll come away from the workshop
• having discussed popular real-life interview questions asked when interviewing for an Engineering Manager position
• having looked at examples of good answers and not so good answers
• having, in small groups, worked through answers to the questions and shared experiences when interviewing for this role

Participants will leave better prepared for their next job interview.

Or if you are hiring an engineering manager, you’ll come away with ideas as to what you might ask a candidate yourself.

SPEAKER: Vidal Graupera

Vidal Graupera is an experienced engineering leader. He hosts the popular "Managers Club" website and podcast, where you will find interviews with successful engineering leaders and managers at https://www.managersclub.com. Vidal is an Engineering Manager at LinkedIn. Previously he was an Engineering Manager at Uber, Autodesk, and WalmartLabs. Vidal holds engineering degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Southern CA, and also an MBA from Santa Clara University. He served in the US Navy Reserve as an Engineering Duty Officer. A son of Cuban immigrants, Vidal was born in Miami, FL.

Vidal is a co-author of "Pro Smartphone Cross-Platform Development: iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android Development and Distribution" from Apress, and "Engineering Leadership Interviews: Lessons Learned and Best Practices Gathered from Interviews with Top Engineering Leaders Around the World.”


5:00 - 5:30 Networking
5:30 - 6:30 Intro/Presentation via Zoom (see below)
6:30 Networking / "Virtual food" (Hey! This is our 2nd virtual event!
We're making this up, so perhaps you can help us re-invent the social part of this event?!)
6:45 Join the SVELC’s main event via Zoom

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