What we're about

This is the second phase for sv-EIGH (Silicon Valley Emerging Innovation for Global Health), where the first meeting was held in 2014 in Palo Alto.

Advanced image recognition and AI have already been considered to be used for telemedicine, drones and smart logistics have been thought of delivering vaccines in remote areas, ...granted, technology is only a PART of the solution (I think human factor plays a large role), but it could play a very important role in data sharing amongst the funders, access and delivery assistance at the location of implementation, pricing strategies, assistance of social acceptance of intervention at the site of implementation, education to raise awareness, to name a few. The area of Global Health is incredibly complicated intertwined stakeholders and many intangible factors to consider. There must be a way the incredible smart people in the Silicon Valley (YOU!) can make the difference, if we all come together.

We will create a network of expertise and discuss what can be done from the Silicon Valley (and other technology mecca) to the Lower-Income countries(LICs) and Lower-Middle Income countries (LMICs) in the field of Global Health and consolidate a plan for implementation, submit a grant/business plan together as a group and implement. But before implementation, we need a repository of resources of right knowledge, people and funding. This is what SV-EIGHT will try to become the platform for. F2F meeting will take place several times a year, and the rest of the time we will "meet-up" via skype etc.

Past events (2)

Meet and Brainstorm (San Francisco)

Hampton inn-Lobby

Meet and Brainstorm-Coffee! (Mountain View)

Bambu Desserts and Drinks