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Have you ever wanted to learn Microsoft Excel for data analysis? This course is for you. This course is specially designed for you to quickly and easily gain all the fundamental skills of Excel to do simple data analysis, regardless of your background. We will covers:

- Getting Started- Formatting

- Basic Functions

- Data Mining Process (CRISP)

- Data Understanding: Data Visualization (basic plottings)

- Data Analytics Plugins

- Data Undestanding: Descriptive Statistics

- Data Understanding: Inferential Statistics

- Data Understanding: Regression Analysis

- Data Understanding: Pivot Table and Pivot Charts

- Data Preparation: Basic Data Cleaning

The above course follows CRISP DM process.
You will need to bring your own laptop.
Location is in Singapore.

Location is in Singapore.

$240 SGD excluding GST. To Join,

You will receive 4 course Coupons to access the courses for FREE:

- Learn Microsoft Excel Basics Fast

- Learn Data Analysis using Microsoft Excel Basics Fast

- Data Mining with RapidMiner

- Introduction to Data and Text Mining with DSTK 3 (FREE)

After completing the 4 courses, you will earn 4 Udemy Certificates. After passing the exams, you will receive SVBook Advanced Certificate in Data Science (cost 70 usd, but free in this course) .

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