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What we’re about

This is the general meetup of the Gulf Coast Coalition of Reason's -Organizations. For Freethinkers, Agnostics, Atheists, Humanists or just religious folks who believe strongly in Constitutionally mandated separation of church and state to protect the rights of less-affluent religious sects/schisms/groups, as well as non-believers and humanists.  
You are welcome to use this Meetup page to offer your events and meetups. Please contact us for any help.
Join us and help us share your meetings, social events and outings. We do what others often don't, we have meaningful conversations and educate rather than indoctrinate. Learn about other resources for free-thinking families and individuals along the Gulf Coast, and get together and share.
It is the fear of joining this sort of group that is the best reason for joining. We should not live in fear. We are proud, free Americans, and ready to defend our views. No religion, world view, idea or behavior is above criticism or evaluation. We simply want to encourage alternatives to dominant religious views. It is not our wish to publicly criticize any world-view but we will not shrink from doing so if our freedom of conscience appears threatened.
Educators, government personnel, students and plain folks of all occupations are welcome and encouraged to join. There is no membership cost. The organizers must pay for this site, but a "tip" at a meetup is appreciated and will go entirely to maintain this Web site. Thanks for stopping by and we want to meet you. Join us on this Web site, "Freethought" has a long historical tradition.

You may also be interested in the Gulf Coast Freethinkers which has a Meetup site and Facebook page, and the Humanists of West Florida who pays for this site and which has a Meetup site, Facebook page, Website, and is an actual national chapter of the American Humanist Association. Look for them both on MeetUp and Facebook.