What we're about

This study group is about how to rightly divide the Bible, objectively discerning which Books of the Bible are written for us, the Church, and which ones are written for Israel. This is important so that we get the specific doctrine that God has for us verses Israel. Israel has an earthly hope; we have a heavenly hope. It becomes apparent real fast that there are indeed two hopes spoken of in the Bible. Thus the books should logically fit these two themes. If we get into the Bible and are trying to apply doctrine that is for Israel, and not this church, we may have some major disappointments when the promises made to Israel don't seem to work for us. Once this blueprint is seen, it is much easier to work with all the details and pin them in their proper place. The whole Bible becomes much more readily understood and logical. This knowledge will make a person 'stable' in their walk and understanding such that they will not be tossed too and fro by every wind of doctrine that comes along.

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