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SWAEROES (Not for Profit Community Development Organisation for Swaeroes) was founded in the year 2012. SWAEROES is connecting Swaeroes around the globe, giving them a platform to interact and regroup. Developing and maintaining a strong Swaeroes group. SWAEROES Meaning: Social Welfare Aeroes(Geek for Sky). SWAEROES Mission: Is to serve and support our Swaeroes community through benefits, services and programs that address their professional, educational and social needs because we know APSWREI and TSWREI students are an integral part of our past, present and future success. SWAEROES Vision: shall be engaged in promoting the well-being and all round development of students studying in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Educational Institutions so as to ensure that they will be thoroughly equipped with right values, requisite skills, relevant knowledge in the chosen areas of studies and challenges of modern life so as to take the charge of their lives with more ease and pace. The Society has churned out 2.5 lakh students so far but there was no platform for networking. The beneficiaries of the government programmes were back to re-engineer their identity, and also send a message that together they can excel in such missions Swaeroes Network is most valuable tool. Dr.R.S.Praveen Kumar, IPS., Founder & Honorary Chairman Swaeroes

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