What we're about

Are you suffering from chronic fatigue, pain, &/or autoimmune issues that the medical professionals can't figure out what's happening? Or maybe they have given your illness the name of CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia, or my favorite - unspecified autoimmune disorder.

Do you feel like a burden to your family & friends? Maybe you can just tell that they are tired of hearing about yet another weird symptom but you need to talk it out with someone to make sense of it! Or you feel that your family & friends are trying to support you but they just can't really understand. Have you lost friends? Are consumed with trying to find solutions to your illness? Are you depressed from not having the energy to do the things you used to do? Are you a mom or dad (daughter, sister, son, brother) feeling like you are letting your family down because you don't feel well most of the time? Well, I am most of these things! And I have realized that there are many, many people feeling the same way. I need a support system - it can only help, right? So, I decided to create this Meetup Group.

This is a faith based monthly support group for people suffering from chronic fatigue, pain, autoimmune issues or any chronic illness. It is a confidential open discussion group where individuals can discuss their issues, feelings, and experiences with others who are suffering from similar issues and truly understand. So what happens in the meeting - stays in the meeting. This has to be a safe place for people to vent or it will not work. Members will not only discuss their own illness, but will learn and support other members by listening to their story and experiences (similar to an AA, ALANON, and NA group). This is a new support group so we can figure some of it out as we go. I have also learned that many people with these chronic illnesses are so ill that they have become home-bound. They have lost many friends due to their illness. Therefore, eventually, my goal is to have a home visitors support group to reach out to those that are home-bound.

FYI - THIS GROUP IS NOT FOR SOLICITATIONS, PROMOTION OF PRODUCTS OR SERVICES OF ANY KIND - including presentations on any type of medical, alternative therapy, etc. Individuals are to focus only on their issues without offering advice, programs, products or services to other members.

Thank you. I hope to see you at a meeting!

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