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Hey you, don’t look so discouraged. Of course they have no idea what you’re saying—look around! Where do you think we are? The people here don’t grow their own food, or source for their own water, or build their own homes. They can’t even manage their own money or raise their own offspring without help. And you want to talk to them about the secrets of the cosmos?

That’s adorable.

Look, I know it’s frustrating. It feels like being the paranoid scientist at the beginning of a disaster movie. Except you’re not a scientist so you don't get that emergency conference with the President. You’re just out on the street with a cardboard sign yelling at strangers to evacuate the city when nothing’s happening yet.

But don’t feel lost. That’s exactly why this place exists—so people like us won’t go insane.

What do I mean by people like us? You know, us; the misfits who stopped running on the hamster wheel long enough to realise that perhaps we should be doing something else. The weirdoes who aren’t 100% psyched that technology is disrupting so much of our lives so quickly. The alarmists who are concerned that most of humanity still can’t work out why a submerging farming village in Bangladesh affects everyone, everywhere. We’re the subversives who suspect that living under an oppressive regime with one-size-fits-all solutions is a terrible idea in a world where individuality is constantly emphasised.

We are the people who are ahead of the curve. Yeah, I said it. And being ahead means there’s no one in front to follow. We need somewhere safe to share our thoughts and concerns so we can be a little more assured in the direction we’re going.


We may not always come away with definitive answers, but at least we’ll be less burdened by society’s regressive definition of progress.

All right, enough talk, come hang out with us for a bit. You don’t even have to say anything the first time. Just listen to the conversations and see if it’s your thing. I personally can’t wait for the next meetup because one of our members will be teaching us how to bake hygge, a Danish biscuit that promotes well-being.

What’s that? That’s not what that is? Well there you go—you’ve taught me something already.

Welcome to the club.

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Social Media: Yay or Nay?

Millenia Walk

We know that social media platforms are run by reptilian humanoids looking for companionship and acceptance. But… how is social media working out for us regular humans? Has it helped you achieve your personal and career goals? How much time do you spend idling versus being productive on social media? Can you even tell the difference? Do you see more social media integration into our day-to-day lives or will humanity band together and rebel against this invasive tech? Let’s chat about it on the Lizard Network – I mean the next meetup.

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Chat Session Number Three

51 Waterloo St

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