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One Brief Step to Joining SacYakkers:

1. First Step: click Join button on this page, adding your real first and last name (and at the very least, your last initial). We are real people, who do real things, have real friendships, and use our real first and last names.

Answer all questions.When you join the SacYakkers Meetup Group you are a pending member of our club. Pending Members can check out our club for 2 events.

UNPAID Members:

To become an "UNPAID" Member you must do the same steps as joining (above).

UNPAID Members are welcome at many club paddles and activities, though will not have priority to limited attendance events or "Paid Members Only!" events

PAID Members:

Those individuals who pay membership dues of $16 are "PAID" Members, and are eligible for additional member benefits such as: exclusive trips and paddles, priority to events and waiting list escalation to attending.

©WELCOME TO SACYAKKERS: Kayaking meetups near Sacramento: This group hits the mark for kayaking with great people...and yes we talk a lot....hence the name SacYakkers. Often referred to as a friendly intermediate group, we welcome all experience levels, so new kayakers can learn the skills of more experienced. Where else can you get a variety of exceptional, challenging events, well planned, loads of fun, a variety of skill levels to keep you sharp? We camp, kayak camp, river kayak to class II+, lake and occasionally bay kayak. we explored many places and times of the year to go, and love revisiting them and exploring new.

Location: While most events originate in Sacramento area, we draw members in from over 100 miles, including bay area, Folsom, Placerville, Auburn, and Roseville.

WHY THIS GROUP: If recreational kayaking, adventure in exploring, and camping is your outlet for fun, look no further. You have found us. We kayak various local lakes, American River, sloughs, foothill lakes, and high sierra lakes. We camp, fish from kayaks, do coastal trips, and have fun all along the way. If you get along with people, and enrich their lives by coming along, you are most welcome.

Non-Members: Check us out--two trips should give you a feel of why so many enjoy the unique paddling experience of SacYakkers.

Apply Here: http://www.emailmefor... (http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/R0yGlbKYIJsXL0a2o8) and of course, join on meetup page and add your facial photo.

Above link is fast to complete.

Why Annual Dues:
1. Meetup charges me to use their software.
2. My Time! I purchase maps, permits, and gear, and negotiate great terms for gear and events for your benefit.
3. Planning your events grabs a lot of time away from my work. This helps compensate for loss of time to a lesser extent, but a love I don't mind.
4. Paying a nominal annual amount keeps out those that are not serious about signing up in the first place from going and no-showing.
5. Loyalty. A member means something more to people when they pay for it. It says they truly love the sport, and it's a small way to give back to the group that gives so much.

PENDING MEMBERS: Enjoy two trips on us to check us out.
PAID MEMBERS: Have preferential status to events, and some events will be paid members only.

How to Choose an Event:

Our events are posted on the club calendar (link at left), and announced within a few months of event. There will usually be a description of the waterway given for event posted. Please READ each event description to see if it's a good fit for you. This keeps you safe and keeps your fellow members happy. If you are a newbie, please start out with one of our EASY paddles to see "where you are". Please do NOT come out on a paddle that's too difficult for your condition. Please be aware of your own physical condition and limitations....be prepared.

1. If you intend to join for the purpose of acting in an official capacity, this is a breach of membership and constitute a breach of INVOKED constitutional rights. Not limited to (but included: assessment of fees or insurance or acting in any official capacity.

2. Members without paid status are not members, but guests. Organizer may refuse membership to anyone at his or her discretion or remove members or guests at will, and may do so without stating reason.

EMAILS: You are in this group to kayak, not to get overloaded in emails. I respect that, so emails will be sent to those on the list and SPARINGLY. So to really enjoy the group, please enjoy receiving the emails, as details important to you fall through the crack when I cannot reach you.

NON-KAYAK EVENTS: I have included a few other activities in this meetup because...sometimes its good to get a change up to an activity that is truly adventurous, or takes us places when we cannot enjoy the kayak time due to weather.

LIABILITY: If you are a lawyer...go away! Organizers and hosts, are participants offering friends opportunity to join them solely as a support of friendship and safety in numbers. No assumption of risk, authority, warranty of safety exists whatsoever, and by acceptance of membership, you absolve all participants and organizers of any liability for safety, injury, death or other type of potential liable action. You are entirely responsible for your choice to participate or not, and by your doing so, have realized the risks, and hold harmless to others for your personal choice. Safety is all important to this group, but we do not know your limitations, nor can we predict how nature treats us in our kayaks. Life is a risk. Any leadership decisions regarding your participation is either to diminish your risk or the risk of others, or to refuse you to participate for your own good.

Adventure is the driving force of this group, and will include other activities such as snow shoeing, skiing, and SCUBA diving, and an occasional whitewater rafting trip.

We will avoid sending you a long stream of emails on non-related topics. If we do a dinner, it will be a meet and greet, perhaps with a photo sharing or a discussion on another paddle to plan!

Members must read and acknowledge all "about" section including liability, must follow meetup RSVP instructions, as getting equipment, people, and fewest cars requires planning. State Park announcements are only announcements, not implied "invitations", these mentions are only for the purpose of inspiration to see who else is coming.


TRIP INITIATOR / ASSISTANT ORGANIZERS & EVENT ORGANIZERS: It is the policy of SacYakkers E/O's and A/O's adhere to a policy of using event planning solely within the group. Materials, events, content of this site is not to be shared, posted. Conversely, any event content of other groups, as a courtesy shall remain with that group, unless that group organizer authorizes dissemination of their group content.

The Organizer, assistant organizer, or event organizer is fully empowered to turn folks away at the launch for any reason. Generally, this will only be in cases of safety, the general good of the group, conflicts, preparedness.

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