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How to Communicate Better
You may have been told that you have to work hard to succeed in life, but I hope you have learned by now that working hard doesn't mean you have to have a hard time working. In fact, people like doing business with people they enjoy working with, and if you don't enjoy working with people, if you don't communicate well with them, chances are they don't enjoy working with you either. If you are not having fun communicating with people at your work, then it's time to get a tune up, because it's hurting your business or work, and this little meeting may be exactly what you need to change that. If you communicate well, your life will be better, and your work will be more fun. In this meeting, we'll go over some of the fundamentals of communication, so you can be yourself and communicate with people comfortably, and have great professional and social (and even personal) relationships. If you are interested in a seminar like this, RSVP now!

Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center

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    All of the meetups for this group will take place at the local Church of Scientology, where I am a volunteer. You can be of any religion to come. For example, I'm a Buddhist myself. You are not expected to change your religion here.

    This group provide great opportunities for business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs to meet and exchange referrals, resources and ideas.

    We hold Networking Meetups, Business Mixers, and Business Tools for Success workshops and seminars.

    You are sure to make new contacts and develop quality relationships with like-minded individuals who, like yourself, are looking to expand their businesses.

    Please join and participate. We look forward to meeting you and learning about you and your business.

    To give you an example of my own business, the first barrier I had was to figure out what business. What shall I do for my business? I love helping people, so a goal I had was to have my own business, make enough money with my business without spending so much time at it, so that I could volunteer full time helping people. I have started my own Internet business as a result and achieved this goal. Nowadays I volunteer full time at the local non-profit organization, Church of Scientology, which is the one place I've observed where people are friendly, helping each other, learning success-oriented information and making their lives better. Many of my best clients are Scientologists. My selfless efforts to help people resulted in financial rewards! This is an example of how people interact. When you give, you tend to receive. I have decided to have our meetups take place at the local Church of Scientology. I choose this location deliberately. We all need all the help we can get to achieve success, and this place is a great resource for helpful people and success-oriented information.

    For any questions, give Tony (Group Organizer) a call at (916) 519-5287.

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