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Please join us to share in the Good Company afforded through our discussion and video series about the Life, Teaching, and Eternal Blessing Work of Avatar Adi Da Samraj (1939–2008). Avatar Adi Da Samraj is a Spiritually Realized Master, whose insights and spiritual revelations are widely regarded as the most forceful, persuasive, and authoritative in the world today. His philosophical writings over the past thirty-five years stand out as masterfully original and brilliantly articulated discussion of the ultimate nature of Reality and Truth. In his writings and discourses, Adi Da Samraj presents a wholly accessible and compelling argument for authentic spiritual realization in the face of the bewildering doctrines, beliefs, and myths (sacred and secular) of our time.

"The life and teaching of Avatar Adi Da Samraj are of decisive spiritual significance at this critical moment in history." - BRYAN DESCHAMP, Senior Advisor, United Nations

"I regard the work of Adi Da and his devotees as one of the most penetrating spiritual and social experiments happening on the planet in our era." - JEFFREY MISHLOVE, PH. D., host of the PBS television series, "Thinking Allowed"; author, "The Roots of Consciousness"

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