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Hi! We are Spring (35) and Jayni (36), and we are an interracial couple who have been together almost 10 years! We are looking for stable, lesbian, interracial couples to meet and develop friendships with! We have found that in this political climate, being interracial has brought up race related challenges within our social circle that we did not previously encounter. Unfortunately, not many of the people we know understand the intersection of being LGBTQ and also involved in an interracial relationship, so we are looking for women who understand the challenges and beauty of this complex relationship model. We are very interested in bringing together a group of fabulous, diverse women who share their love with their partner and want to do fun things with like-minded women! We will plan monthly outings and events to include but not limited to: roller skating night, "Game of Thrones" viewing parties, poker night, camping trips, Drive-In movies, political events/marches, dinners, dancing, weekend getaways, doggy play dates, etc -- and we would even love to plan a larger scale "Prom Night"! All adult ages 21+ welcome, as long as you are "coupled" and interracial/intercultural.

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Roller King Lesbian SKATING PARTY

889 Riverside Ave

Let's take it back, Ladies, to the Good ol' Days! Saturday nights at Roller King is Retro Night, with 70s, 80s, and 90s music and costumes encouraged! This is also Springs birthday weekend, so its a great time to celebrate together! ($8 admission; $4 skate rental). We will provide pizza and drinks for the group. (You are welcome to donate to food/drinks if you wish.)

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Shady Lady Saloon Brunch

1409 R St

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