What we're about

Men… this is a call to come together and support one another in creating more meaningful and purposeful lives.

The purpose of this group is pretty straightforward. Men supporting men in finding meaning and purpose.

I have several years of experience with a large men’s group in the Bay Area and I want to start a similar group here in the Sacramento area.

What it is: We will come from a place of kindness, in a spirit of support, with the goal of helping one another discover and create a more meaningful path for our lives. We will use our curiosity to help others find their own answers and their own truths.

What it is not: Woowoo, cult-like, religious, preachy, etc. We will not try to tell one another how they should live or judge one another’s personal truth. I have nothing to sell or preach to you, and neither do you.

Why only men?

Have you ever noticed how you sometimes act and feel a little different when you are around women? Perhaps you lean towards wanting to appear attractive, or interesting. Maybe you feel guarded. Sometimes we are our authentic selves around women, but often we are not. Taking a short break from the distraction of women will allow us to relax. Men have supported one another throughout human history. In our current culture, however, we have turned away from this natural activity and buried ourselves in career, family, and other necessary and important elements of life. But many of us are missing a deeper connection with others. So, let’s change that.

All are welcome, regardless of class, age, identity…

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