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Identity Constellation is similar to traveling...but you are traveling inside of yourself. The time is now! We are the ones being called to make the difference, to be the Healers. In a safe and sacred space, we’ll dive deeply into the unconscious wounding that’s been running our lives (and our collective reality). If you want to take charge of becoming who you truly are and manifesting what you truly desire for yourself, your family and the planet—this work is for you!

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Identity Constellation, Waking Up to Who You Truly Are

Identity Constellations are a fun way to discover and heal frustrating patterns that have prevented us from having the love and abundance we’ve wanted. It’s as though we’ve been the victims of some karmic wheel that’s been spinning out of control and we’ve felt helpless to do anything about it. Depression and anxiety are a few of the symptoms . Also, we’ve used overworking, overeating, drugs and so many other ways to cope with the frustration of feeling powerless. The good news is that you have the resources and Will to shift these patterns. When you attend an Identity Constellation, you find the roots to these patterns . Magic happens. Conscious awareness to these shadowy roots is like infusing tender warmth and new life into these frozen parts of self, so they can spring back to life. I want to explain more about this incredible modality, so please call me and join us this Sunday. Also, I’m offering you a 20 minute experiential of process coaching so you can feel for yourself, the magic of healing with love. Call me at[masked]

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