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What this group IS:

This group is created to be a human support group for dedicated dog owners/trainers using (and learning) positive reinforcement training and force-free behavioral modification methods for dogs with issues. (reactive, aggressive, fearful, guarding, anxiety or any other issues.) No judgement is passed on where the issues came from - this group is about supporting each other's desire to improve our dogs' behavior in a positive manner - not criticize our past mistakes. The intention is to schedule human-only meetups to share ideas, swap books, watch DVDs, and just enjoy the company of others who know the effort we each put into our dogs every day. We typically schedule meetups at a local restaurants/breweries/coffee shops to swap stories, solutions and support over a drink or meal. Responsible dog ownership should not be isolating - it should be celebratory!

What this group IS NOT:

This group is NOT a replacement for a professional, force-free trainer (although I'm sure other group members can recommend someone in our area). Behavioral issues can be very serious and behavioral modification programs should be set up with a force-free trainer who has experience in those areas.

This group is NOT a debate group on force-free vs aversive training methods - members should already be "on board" and somewhat knowledgeable with force-free methods (aka no prong collars, shock collars, choke chains, etc.) This group is about supporting each other in a relaxing environment...debates are stressful and draining...we get enough of that in our training sessions!

This group is NOT a dog meetup - there are many dog socialization meetups in Sacramento - this is for the human side of dog training.

Please join our facebook group for online discussions and file sharing. (note - there's a misspelling in there, but facebook won't let me fix it without closing the group and starting over again...)

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