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To All New Investors

Follow these five steps to get out of the Rat Race

1) Know yourself - visit http://www.peoplepaperproperty.com and reveal what kind of investor you are? Are you a people person? Paper Person or a Property Person.

2) Know the market cycle - go to http://www.nationalrealestateclub.com and check out what is currently working in the market?

3) Know how to get a deal, how to get the dollars, and how to get the right documents - visit our REI 101 Meetup on this Meetup.

4) See the video 4 Golden Keys video


5) Book a call with us and get a personalized investment plan for you at http://www.freedomsets.com .

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Wholesaling - Create Profits from thin air

Needs a location

Wholesaling - A LOT of newbies have gotten started doing wholesaling. Its a strategy where you acquire a deal and then flip the contract. Ok. That's it class over.....lets go home and enjoy! Seriously though, this Thursday at 5:30 p.m. I will be talking about how to wholesale in TODAY's economy AND how to wholesale once the market changes.
Topics Covered Steps of wholesaling Is it legal?
Knowing your buyer and where to find him Knowing your seller and where to find her
Which kind of investor is this for - People, Paper or Property?
What are the clauses to include in your contract?
Where to find the contracts for free? Which timelines to put your buyer on? Which timelines to put your seller on?
What costs to calculate - Sales, Fixup, Financing etc. Accurate ARV calculation.
Ninja Tips

So get ready this Thursday 17th September at 5:30 p.m. Last webinar a LOT of people were left out so register as soon as you get this email.

Tapan Trivedi

REI 101 How to get Deals, How to Get Dollars, How to Get Documents

If you are a fairly new (less than 5 deals) or an intermediate (5-10) deals investor you are in luck! This is for you.

Everyone has a dream. Most real estate investors have dream. It's an evolving dream. It starts with the quintessential 'Let's get out of the Rat Race'. Then 'Let's build some equity'. Then 'Let's Exchange the equity for stellar cash flow '. Then 'Let's downsize the portfolio and get some cash-out and do charity '. The flow of a Real Estate Investor's career should ideally be Eat, Grow, Megaflow!
These dreams to be realized AND fulfilled need deals, dollars to fund these deals and documents to lock up and move those deals. Current or would-be entrepreneurs that we are we have a burning desire to stop exchanging time for money and get going on all the deals and passive income. Or maybe some of you are rearing to go and get into the BUSINESS of flipping houses.
What each of these deals needs are dollars to buy them (most of the time) and documents to lock them up safely and minimizing all risks possible. Our meeting this month would be to show you the three most popular deals in this market, what is the marketing necessary to get them, what documents are necessary to lock them and what other gotchas to be aware of.

All you have to do is the dream and the courage to dream it.
What you will get out of this session?
1)Where are we in the market cycle?
2)What kind of deals are happening in the current marketplace? What would be the future deals?
3)How to find out what kind of investor are you?
4)What are the kinds of deals that are good for YOUR investor profile?
5) What kind of documents do you need to lock these deals?

Register for this AWESOME webinar here
Tapan Trivedi

The Coming 2021 correction and how to profit from it as an INVESTOR.

The story of one of my Tahoe Park rentals.

SOLD IN 2006 at 325,000 @65,000 down and 260,000 Loan – NOT TO ME.
SOLD IN 2011 at 65,000 with ZERO DOWN and no loan – ME
Its worth close to 425,000 (I DID do upgrades on it since I have owned it).
The striking difference between the sale in 2006 and 2011 is that I purchased it for what they put down. BOTH transactions had the SAME out of pocket expense from the homeowner. BUT the EQUITY was 20% vs 100%. This is the POWER of when.
Why the big difference in the two sales? The MARKET CYCLE had shifted from Q4 to Q1. I have many many more examples of houses like that ALL OVER our beautiful country. Now the winds of change are upon us and we are all itching to find out what the future holds for us.
How are Jobs, Income Instability, GDP Growth, Unemployment Gains, Inventory, Interest Rates behaving? What about the future?
We will discuss ALL of these factors AND how they will affect each of the Real Estate Investment-related professionals like
Home Sellers,
Wholesalers AND
how what is happening to all these professions affect you as an INVESTOR.(Hint Its NOT what you think!).
Lastly you will get the THREE things that all of you should be doing to prepare for the coming turmoil.
We will ALSO give you where you can further your own research should you choose to.
So on Thursday Sept 10th 2020 we will be hosting this VERY INFORMATIVE Zoom Webinar .
Make sure you register for this because this WILL get full before you know it.

Tapan Trivedi

Passive Income for Busy Professionals

Online event

Tapan Trivedi here, with National Real Estate Club and FreedomSets.
Your life is busy, I get that –– and it explains why you haven’t gotten around to registering for your BRRR Accelerator and started on your path to financial freedom.
I bet you’re a bit like me, or more accurately, how I used to be. I had a good job, I worked hard. Too hard.
I worked crazy hours. There was never enough time to do the things I love, like take a vacation, for goodness sake!
I hardly ever saw my family. I got sick and tired of it. I started looking for ways to make some extra money and cut back on my hours.
And luckily, a few years ago, I discovered creating passive income with real estate. Since then, REI has been very good to me. So good, I’m sharing my good fortune and what I’ve learned with others.Like you.
Whether you want to make extra income or you’re ready to be your own boss or would like a secure retirement, Freedom Sets can get you there.
All you need to do is take the first step.
This webinar is the first step to the BRRRR Accelerator program which is the flagship event that we give to our investors.
Got questions. We’ve got answers! We’ll get you up to speed quickly.
What better way to see if something works than to try it yourself?

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Passive Income for Busy Professionals

Online event

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