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Are you a LIGHTWORKER? Would you like to learn how to use your intuitive abilities to help yourself and others? Sacred Circle for Lightworkers offers an opportunity for spiritually seeking people to join with like-minded friends and teachers to learn about a variety of metaphysical topics, mediumship, psychic intuition, spiritual laws, etc. We are dedicated to bringing more LIGHT(spiritual consciousness) and love into the world. By connecting with fellow Lightworkers, you will learn answers to why you feel drawn to spirituality and your life purpose. Find your soul group and share your strong desire to spread the LIGHT. We invite guest spiritual teachers to share their gifts. Anchors of the LIGHT are more necessary than ever. As a Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Certified Palmist, I hope you will join me and other students in awakening to your spiritual enlightenment.


Diploma in Intuitive Studies:11 foundation classes begin your spiritual intuitive journey. Take any class you like, any time, or enroll in the entire series to earn your diploma: Grounding, protection, see auras, chakras, meditating, guides, etc.

Diploma in Mediumship Studies:10 classes and participate in 5 Development Message Circles are designed to open your spiritual awareness as a medium. Your journey is unique and highly individual. Students may choose to earn this diploma for personal or professional goals.

Development Message Circles:Flexing your intuitive muscles in giving and receiving messages. Participating in a variety of exercise to raise your frequency and eliminate doubt.

Psychic Toolbox Classes: Explore a variety of divination tools and discover which tools/talents on your spiritual path will match your soul’s passion and raise your frequency.

Lightworkers Connection: Open to all students who have completed most classes in the Diploma in Intuitive Studies who seek to remove blockages and gain higher spiritual knowledge.

Mediumship Master Classes: Enrollment by invitation only for advanced students seeking professional development. Emphasis on evidentiary mediumship and inner band advancements.

Psychic Arcades: Readers and healers are invited to participate several times a year in Sacred Circle Academy spirit fair to practice serving spirit, set up your own table, & also earning income.

Reiki I, II, and Master Training: Reiki Master Angie Love Ward will provide you with a manual from The International Center for Reiki Training, handouts including in depth chakra instructions, your Reiki I Certificate, and a special gift of one blue aragonite crystal known as the Reiki Stone.

Starseed Connection: Open to all Starseeds and friends who desire to share questions, experiences and learn from each other. Discussions are offered to expand understanding. $7

Star Kids Workshops: Fun and games to increase awareness of our amazing sensitive and spiritually aware children. Past workshops include How to See Auras, All About Energy, Spirit Power Animals, Drumming Circle, Energy, Crystals, & Dr. Emoto—Does Water have Feelings?

Mystical Lodge Radio Podcasts:Devoted to developing spiritual power through metaphysical teachings, hidden wisdom and psychic development. Brother Thomas, Patti Stice and special guests on mysticallodge.com

Sacred Circle Academy Founder, Patti Stice holds nationally credentials as a Board Certified Rehabilitation Counselor who has devoted her life to advancing lightworker awareness for all spiritual seekers. Contact her for private sessions at purplebutterfly28@gmail.com For class information,

join www.meetup.com/Sacred-Circle-for-Lightworkers (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.meetup.com%2FSacred-Circle-for-Lightworkers%2F&h=ATOpgdEHWcKG4_jH4WgN1QJDyvVii098B-WHq4zCmYfJcWKqBeYMekyq7TGi5iynoyryZsSbW6IRjeRc0yBxkskHSNtmkhh0i3YvSsHxkcbDSbS0Ff_YVbFW0KUZzGxtdxrQ5R86uZkKGXHGYITEG1XGcvjs5t8jN_1WjaDm8k-fz61p4CQHZ6RIl0qdQu0J7yPU6ZGkN-MXlhJ407clcfcsQ7jUSsYYd_IxrkYAuXxdVpSvK8IXnNoLXt-nSLRmdOdekIFOooaFvPoaJEqM_aP-qOGFSsz3STd0WGGaMQgGWM12zEAj)

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Benefits of Self-Mastery

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Take the Self-Mastery and Assertiveness Quizzes! Learn communication techniques to be in a more fulfilling life. Do you know how to answer an attack question? Do you see yourself as the victim? Are you indecisive, because you don’t know what you want? Do you often act on impulse and let your emotions rule over your actions? Are you passive, assertive, or aggressive? Discover the amazing benefits of self-mastery. Join Counselor Patti Stice who will review the many steps to self-mastery, mindfulness, and communication techniques to use every day! There are so many rewards from becoming the OBSERVER and capturing the ability to witness what is really happening around you. Implementing any of the 12 communication techniques in everyday conversation will truly help you, your family, your friends and all who touch your life. Self-mastery will help you become the witness of your emotional impulses. You will begin to make decisions based on clear thinking instead of raised emotions. When you learn the many benefits of self-mastery, you will see things more objectively which will advance your spiritual growth! As a Nationally Board Certified Rehabilitation Counselor for over twenty years, she has broadened her awareness of how to offer guidance and empowerment. Cost $20 After you sign up, you will receive a meetup message confirming how you plan to pay your enrollment fee: PayPal or Cash App. Payment is due by noon Tuesday, August 4. Following receipt of funds, you will receive a Zoom invitation.


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Forgiveness is a POWERFUL healing tool - you CAN heal yourself and others! Learn the steps to forgiveness and the many benefits of forgiving. Are you fulfilling a karmic relationship or soul agreement? Studies have shown that people who forgive are happier and healthier than those who hold resentments. They also have fewer health problems. Are you ready to embrace the emotional reality that forgiveness is a shift in perception? Forgiving is not condoning. Learn and participate in forgiveness exercises. Board Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and Spiritual Teacher Patti Stice invites lightworkers to EMBRACE FORGIVENESS and AFFIRM: I FORGIVE EVERYONE INCLUDING MYSELF. Dr. Wayne Dyer: “If you can't learn to forgive, you can forget about getting to higher levels of awareness!” Why is the Law of Forgiveness so important? Cost $30. After you sign up, you will receive a meetup message to pay your enrollment fee either by PayPal or Cash App. Payment is due before noon Tuesday, August 4. Following receipt of funds, you will receive a Zoom invitation.

REIKI 1 Certificate Training

Sacred Circle Academy

Many members of Sacred Circle know Reiki Master Mary Dunn as an active member of all of our classes. Reiki is a very specific form of energy healing, in which hands are placed just off the body as in “laying on of hands.” Reiki can also be done “long-distance,” as a form of prayer. According to many versions of its origin, Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese seeker of spiritual truths, brought the Reiki method of healing into human awareness in 1922 after a deep spiritual experience. If you are on a spiritual journey, taking Reiki 1 and feeling Universal Life Force Energy is truly an amazing gift. Mary will provide you with a manual from The International Center for Reiki Training, which covers both Reiki 1 and II. Reiki II is an additional three hour class that will be scheduled on a later date using the same manual. You will also receive additional handouts including in depth chakra instructions, your Reiki I Certificate, and a special gift of one blue aragonite crystal known as the Reiki Stone. Fee for Reiki I is $ 100. If you wish to pay for Reiki I & II at the same time, the total cost is $180. She will also be offering “Reiki Sharing” when you can practice together in one-hour sessions in the future. Please register NOW because class enrollment is limited. To reserve your space in class, please sign up and then you will receive a meetup message on how to pay by credit card, cash app, or PayPal. We must receive your payment by August 14th in order to reserve your space. Chairs are 6 feet apart, no-touch thermometer, no-touch hand sanitizers and CDC guidelines followed. Truly there are numerous benefits of Reiki 1 class that will increase your vibrational frequency! Listed below are a few of the MANY BENEFITS OF LEARNING REIKI 1 and EARNING YOUR CERTIFICATE:  Understanding the history of Reiki and how it has advanced worldwide  Feeling and experiencing the opening of your energy channel  Realizing and connecting to Universal Life Force Energy that flows through all living things  Knowing that your body is healing every time you practice Reiki  Cleansing and clearing your body of toxins  Using techniques by administering “laying of hands” for reducing stress and improving relaxation that promotes healing  Sharing Reiki healing energy not only for yourself but also for other adults, children, animals, plants, food, drinks, your home and other environments

FULL MOON GATHERING with Astrologer Beth Gifford

Sacred Circle Academy

Join Astrologer Beth Gifford at Sacred Circle Academy to learn about lunar rituals and embrace mystical energy of the moon. She will share her knowledge about the symbolism of a full moon and how full moon energies bring power, amplification, action and intuition. View the full moon thru a Celestron 2000mm telescope! Her first class will explore the history of the full moon and what importance it has had on past civilizations and the present. On September 2nd she will discuss the significance of the Pisces full moon and rituals that will enhance your intuition along with a meditation and celebration.  Discover what the full moon in Pisces represents  History of the full moon and it’s significance  A look at rituals surrounding this full moon  Engage in a Pisces specific full moon ritual and celebration As a teenager, Beth became intrigued with astrology and studied how the cosmos influences your personality, life themes and development. Beth believes astrology helps raise your awareness about who you are, who you are becoming, how to understand others, and how to manage themes in your life. Last year she studied under Psychological Astrologer Holly Miller. Over the past year she has been sharing this knowledge with others and founded 7th House Astrology with her partner Kevin, a mathematician, who will set up the telescope. Please mark these dates on your calendar to share in Full Moon Release and Manifesting with Beth: Oct 1- Full Harvest Moon in Aries, Nov 30 - Full Moon in Gemini with Lunar Eclipse Beaver Moon. If you are interested in a reading you may contact Beth at [masked] to schedule an appointment at the academy or on zoom. Choose from the following readings: natal, transit, compatibility, harmonic (minor aspects). Sign up at Sacred Circle for Lightworkers Meetup. The Academy offers no-touch thermometer entry, no-touch hand sanitizers, and follows CDC guidelines. Masks required. $10 donation appreciated.

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