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Are you a LIGHTWORKER? Would you like to learn how to use your intuitive abilities to help yourself and others? Sacred Circle for Lightworkers offers an opportunity for spiritually seeking people to join with like-minded friends and teachers to learn about a variety of metaphysical topics, mediumship, psychic intuition, spiritual laws, etc. We are dedicated to bringing more LIGHT(spiritual consciousness) and love into the world. By connecting with fellow Lightworkers, you will learn answers to why you feel drawn to spirituality and your life purpose. Find your soul group and share your strong desire to spread the LIGHT. We invite guest spiritual teachers to share their gifts. Anchors of the LIGHT are more necessary than ever. As a Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Certified Palmist, I hope you will join me and other students in awakening to your spiritual enlightenment.


Diploma in Intuitive Studies:11 foundation classes begin your spiritual intuitive journey. Take any class you like, any time, or enroll in the entire series to earn your diploma: Grounding, protection, see auras, chakras, meditating, guides, etc.

Diploma in Mediumship Studies:10 classes and participate in 5 Development Message Circles are designed to open your spiritual awareness as a medium. Your journey is unique and highly individual. Students may choose to earn this diploma for personal or professional goals.

Development Message Circles: Flexing your intuitive muscles in giving and receiving messages. Participating in a variety of exercise to raise your frequency and eliminate doubt.

Psychic Toolbox Classes: Explore a variety of divination tools and discover which tools/talents on your spiritual path will match your soul’s passion and raise your frequency.

Lightworkers Connection: Open to all students who have completed most classes in the Diploma in Intuitive Studies who seek to remove blockages and gain higher spiritual knowledge.

Mediumship Master Classes: Enrollment by invitation only for advanced students seeking professional development. Emphasis on evidentiary mediumship and inner band advancements.

Psychic Arcades: Readers and healers are invited to participate several times a year in Sacred Circle Academy spirit fair to practice serving spirit, set up your own table, & also earning income.

Reiki Training: Reiki Master Mary Dunn is an Associate Member of The International Center for Reiki Training, and follows the high ethical standards of this most reputable organization. She has earned Crystal Reiki Hearler, Angel Reiki Healer, Karuna Reiki, Dragon's Breath Energy Master and is certified to teach each certification. Each student will received the ICRT manual for Reiki Levels 1, 2, and 3 Master. She offers additional in depth chakra instructions with each class. Following every class, a Reiki Sharing session for all students just completing a class, plus all students from previous classes are invited to practice giving and receiving healings. Students are asked to invite friends to attend and receive free healings.

Starseed Connection: Open to all Starseeds and friends who desire to share questions, experiences and learn from each other. Discussions are offered to expand understanding.

Star Kids Workshops: Fun and games to increase awareness of our amazing sensitive and spiritually aware children. Past workshops include How to See Auras, All About Energy, Spirit Power Animals, Drumming Circle, Energy, Crystals, & Dr. Emoto—Does Water have Feelings?

Mystical Lodge Radio Podcasts: Devoted to developing spiritual power through metaphysical teachings, hidden wisdom and psychic development. Brother Thomas, Patti Stice and special guests on mysticallodge.com

Sacred Circle Academy Founder, Patti Stice holds nationally credentials as a Board Certified Rehabilitation Counselor who has devoted her life to advancing lightworker awareness for all spiritual seekers. Contact her for private sessions at purplebutterfly28@gmail.com For class information,

join https://www.meetup.com/Sacred-Circle-for-Lightworkers (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.meetup.com%2FSacred-Circle-for-Lightworkers%2F&h=ATOpgdEHWcKG4_jH4WgN1QJDyvVii098B-WHq4zCmYfJcWKqBeYMekyq7TGi5iynoyryZsSbW6IRjeRc0yBxkskHSNtmkhh0i3YvSsHxkcbDSbS0Ff_YVbFW0KUZzGxtdxrQ5R86uZkKGXHGYITEG1XGcvjs5t8jN_1WjaDm8k-fz61p4CQHZ6RIl0qdQu0J7yPU6ZGkN-MXlhJ407clcfcsQ7jUSsYYd_IxrkYAuXxdVpSvK8IXnNoLXt-nSLRmdOdekIFOooaFvPoaJEqM_aP-qOGFSsz3STd0WGGaMQgGWM12zEAj)

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Reiki Level 2 Certificate Training. This class is $125.00

8821 S Santa Fe Ave



Join Reiki Master Mary Dunn to earn your Certificate for Reiki 2. Reiki is a very specific form of energy healing in which hands are placed just off the body as in “laying on of hands.” According to many versions of its origin, Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese seeker of spiritual truths, brought the Reiki method of healing into human awareness in 1922 after a deep spiritual experience. Earning Reiki 1 is required before enrollment in Reiki 2.

Mary is an Affiliate Member of the very reputable International Center for Reiki Training that requires authentic teaching from ICRT manuals, correct attunements, placements and ignitions given in person per ICRT standards of practice.

In Reiki 2 you will increase your Reiki energy channeling abilities, receive two powerful Reiki Second Degree attunements, perform distance healing, and learn techniques and symbols for expansion of Reiki healing energy.

Reiki Master Mary Dunn is an accomplished professional intuitive, Crystal Reiki Master, Angel Reiki Master, Karuna Ki Master, Dragon's Breath Master healer and graduate of both Sacred Circle Academy diplomas. Reiki Master Cheri Willis will also be assisting Mary throughout the certification process.

Immediately following class completion in earning your Reiki 2 Certificate, students will also be able to participate in “Reiki Sharing” to practice together and guests may attend to receive FREE healings.

Please register NOW because class enrollment is limited. To reserve your space in class, please sign up and then you will receive a meetup message on how to pay tuition of $125 by credit card. Must have had Reiki 1 on person, not online.

Chairs are social distant.

Manifestation Class__$20__ Not a free class

Needs a location

Do you desire a life full of abundance? Come and learn some techniques for making this happen.

You will learn the words to use and meditations to assist you too lead a life of abundance.

This is class is $20, not free.

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8821 S Santa Fe Ave

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