• Karuna Reiki Master

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    Karuna Reiki is the next step after becoming a Reiki master. You must be a master Reiki practitioner for at least six months before taking this class. This class is an experience like you have never had before. After taking this class you will be a Karuna master.

  • Learn to make manifestation candles

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    Learn to make your own manifestation candles. You never know when you will need one.

    All supplies included in price. $30


    8821 S Santa Fe Ave


    Reiki 3 requires earning Certificates in Reiki 1 and 2, with a minimum of 21 days since receiving your Reiki 2 Certification. Reiki Grandmaster Mary Dunn will provide you with a Reiki 3 manual from the reputable International Center for Reiki Training. Mary will teach the following topics from this manual: the origin of Western Reiki, Reiki moving and advanced meditations, Reiki crystal grid, aura clearing/psychic surgery, Reiki symbols, Violet Breath, step-by-step attunement instructions, teaching guidelines, and additional healing attunements. Reiki Master Level 3 is traditionally considered the teacher's level, and masters are able to attune new Reiki practitioners. Mary is dedicated to assist you to become a Reiki Master who is a kind, considerate and spiritually developed individual who is seeking to not only enhance your own life, but also the lives of others.

    Reiki Grandmaster Mary Dunn is an Affiliate Member of ICRT, the most reputable International Center for Reiki Training! Reiki Master Mary Dunn is an accomplished professional intuitive, and graduate of both Sacred Circle Academy diplomas. She holds the following certifications: Crystal Reiki Master, Angel Reiki Master, Karuna Usui Master, Karuna Ki Master, Quantum Touch Reiki Master, Reiki of the Seven Rays Master, Kundalini Reiki Master, Dragon's Breath Reiki Master, Reiki Rhyo Master, Shamanic Reiki Master, Japanese Reiki Master, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Master, Color Therapy Reiki Master, Heart Centered Grandmaster Reiki, and Holy Fire Reiki Master. Reiki Master Cheri Willis will also be participating in your training.

    Please register early because class enrollment is limited. The total cost is $250 including the manual. To reserve your space in class, please sign up and you can pay by credit card, cash app, or PayPal when you enter.