• Development Message Circle

    Diversity Center of Oklahoma, Inc.

    Join Kundalini Yoga Instructor Gwen Agiapal as she leads students in increasing their spiritual intuition. As a student of Yogi Bhajan, Gwen believes it is essential to be able to navigate through our world in having a meditation practice. Practice learning how to breathe Universal Life Force Energy - PRANA. Flex your intuitive muscles! Increase your spiritual intuition! The secret to raising your frequency to higher realms is practice, practice, practice. The more you practice and work out, the more you will improve and embrace your spiritual joy! $15 per person YOU MUST REGISTER HERE AS ATTENDING TO SAVE A PLACE FOR YOU FOR THIS CLASS! If you are enjoying intuitive experiences, you will find her development message circle is a great environment in which to increase your spiritual talents. She will guide you in practicing many clairvoyant exercises, sharing intuitive tips, techniques, and tools. We welcome beginners, intermediate and advanced students. You will learn to share messages in a lovingly encouraging manner to participate and explore your intuition, equally giving and receiving messages and impressions. Each circle will begin with a spiritual prayer surrounding our circle with love, light, peace and protection followed by a guided meditation to become grounded, centered and opening our chakras. Patti will guide and teach students ways to heighten their awareness and intuitive connection. Your participation in giving messages will be encouraged—Do Not Doubt!—Have a Leap of Faith. When the energy of the circle dissipates, then we will end the development message circle with a closing prayer of gratitude.

  • Your Amazing CLAIRS!

    Diversity Center of Oklahoma, Inc.

    Take the Clair Quiz and discover your strongest Clair! Learn ways to OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE! What is the difference between Clairtangency and Clairsentience? We will practice many exercises and review spiritual meanings of each Clair to boost your psychic senses. In your normal conversation do you say, "I see, I hear, I know, or I feel" when talking with someone? In the beginning of your spiritual development, it is best to develop the gifts that you have now and the others may come later. There is a lot to review: clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairtangency, clairscent, clairessence, clairalience, clairolfaction, and clairgustance. Handouts will be provided. Cost $20


    2242 NW 39th St

    Do you know the difference between stones, rocks and crystals? Learn how to care, cleanse, recharge, and program your crystals. Can you feel the pulse of a crystal? Which stones are best for grounding, protection, spiritual development, balancing your chakras, meditating or healing? What stone is called the “Master Healer” and which stone is called the “All Purpose Stone”? Do you know the amazing mysteries of Master Crystals? If you have a stone and you can’t identify it, bring it to class. Join Patti Stice and discover her recommendations for the top ten stones to have in your collection. Cost $20.