What we're about

Its time now, we are all seekers... seeking much of the same...pleasure in life

Self love, eternal joy, acceptance, freedom, and understanding

Here, we shed our layers, so we can have soulful, abundant, sustainable, real connection to ourselves and each other. To find ourselves in the space of communion, and ecstasy with the Divine & our loved ones, with that sense of trust, love and vulnerability, we know is possible.

The Holistic healing of our minds and bodies is quintessential to the process of opening up into love.

Here we embrace sexuality, in all forms, as an integrative aspect of healing oneself.

Questions to open up to:

Would you like to open the door to new ways of loving and being loved?

Would you like to discover your erotic gifts and talents, and bring them into your sexual experience, to finally express as you?

Can spirituality and sexuality exist under one haven?

What's Sacred about your sexuality?

Would you like to learn to be a true receiver?

How can one embrace love and intimacy with aging?

Can sex really be a spiritual pathway to the Divine?

Are you a sex magician?

Seeking to meet other like minds in your community?

Do you want to safely open your relationship?

How can you experience intimacy with others and still be honoring of your monogamous relationship?

Does your relationship need support and revival?

Do you feel the calling to showing up as a healer?

Are you willing to receive and experience deeper connection with friends, family, and your partner/s?

What gifts of love, sex, & communication, do you seek to cultivate and express more fully?

Do you wish to heal your relationships with the same gender? Are you willing to learn effective, compassionate communication skills for use in creating healthy relationships?

What can same gender intimacy look like?

Wonder how sex and intimacy are similar and yet different? What forms do they take?

Are you curious to know what relationship style really works for you?

Will you step into being your authentic self now ?

You are beautiful, & worthy, of unending, unconditional love for yourself, and others...

This group is the collective embodiment of Asheville's most brilliant conscious leaders, sexual healers, somatic therapist, magicians, love & intimacy teachers, new paradigm relationship coaches, and performing artist, that shine an emanating light upon the healing of our relationships & sexuality. This group is a loving, liberating, safe haven devoted to the unveiling our true natures, as ecstatic beings, by gently opening up the areas within ourselves that may have been suppressed, shut down, or wounded, due to physical or emotional trauma, old belief systems, or just simply unexplored territory, in the areas love, sex & intimacy. Through education, various types of experiential workshops, retreats, training's & events we are delving into the deep & rich areas of Divine connection and expression.

Welcome, to our group. May your most resonating, transformational experiences of personal joy, pleasure, & healing be fully discovered and received here.

~Blessed Be~


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Submissive Desires Roundtable

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