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Mothers, Maidens and Crones! We invoke your presence in sacred circle as we gather in sisterhood. Nourishing self-development and growth with deep awareness and healing is found in the divine feminine tantra of embodiment and sacred divine wisdoms.

We invite you to delve deep into your souls desire and passions, to push personal development as you open consciousness wider into your spiritual life purpose, and change the stories you were born into, to meet your wild feminine wisdoms (your new goddess stories) that will support your journey of growth and evolution.

Invite a friend, it's always better with friends.

PLEASE BRING YOUR JOURNAL. I welcome you to create a cozy space for you to participate in these practices; comforts such as pillows, a soft blanket, crystals, etc. When entering the sacred zoom circle we encourage you to mute your background noise. You are welcome to turn your camera off after we confirm who you are for your safety and the safety of others.


Shakti Awakens
Our advanced tantra.
This feminine embodiment will empower your life purpose! It's a powerful blend of intricate self knowing with your star chart in-hand and the path of your life purpose honed with divine goddess embodiment practices and the sacred healing wisdoms of unknown chakras. Support your Dharmic journey in this sacred awakening. Checkout my website for more www.wiesjebrion.com (https://wiesjebrion.com/)

Sacred Goddess Temple
An intermediate ceremony.
Monthly gathering is a loving journey of sacred self discovery through the triple goddess wisdoms and the wheel of the year.

We begin during maiden waxing crescent moon and celebrate during full moon.

A Waxing Crescent Moon Ceremony & Full Moon Ceremony

During the waxing moon we take the lead of the waxing energy as she so powerfully guides us to create new habits and flow with the energies that wish to evolve us. We benefit with the moon magic in our personal and spiritual life and even in business. Celebrate the following week with goddess embodiment!

Sacred Mindset Mastery: Embodiment of The Moon Ceremony's:

October: Moon Magic Recipes & Rituals / Letting go with Sumerian Goddess sister's Ereshkigal queen of the Underworld also known as Lady of the Great Earth, and Inanna queen of Heaven

November: Wheel of The Year / Feronia, Indo-Euro Goddess ~ Freedom & Prosperity and the Priestess of witches

December: Chakra Moon's / Khione, Greek Goddess of the snow ~ Father/masculine Forgiveness and Healing Therapy

Join us to soften and unravel into a higher vibe with guided meditation and tools for spiritual success. Set a space for practice, bring your journal and a beverage, as well as comforts for your mediation.

Pre-registration is required at least a day prior. Pay $25 for our 2-in-1 month gathering and receive access to the months educational Waxing Ceremony and Goddess Full Moon Ceremony! A portion of proceeds are donated to the month's Support A Cause program.

To follow affirmations throughout the month follow us on Instagram and join our Sacred Goddess Temple group on FB for community sisterhood support.

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Goddess Khione & Chakra Moon’s

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Goddess Feronia & The Wheel of The Year

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Moon Magic with Innana & Ereshkigal

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The Moon Attunement

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